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    1st World Correspondence Chess Server Team Championship

    The unofficial First World Correspondence Chess Server Team Tournament is now underway. This tournament will take place on the ICCF Server on 30 boards, starting on February 10th, 2013.

    The maximum planned number of eight teams will attend:

    Chess Planet
    LSS (Lechenicher SchachServer)

    Boards are set up according to ICCF Ratings.

    The tournament is running on the ICCF-Server, many players have started their games. Unfortunately, the organiser has set up the match as 28 individual team matches. So it is difficult to see which team has the lead in total.

    Fortunately, Djordje Petrovichas overcome the situation. He created a tool to sum up the results of each of the team matches and display them in a webpage. I will try to update these data daily. That website is at .
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