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    RIP Andrew Saint

    Some terrible terrible news has just come in:

    Andrew Saint has just died in a car crash on the way back from Doeberl. I just received a call from Anthony Hain who was in the car with him, and Im quite shaken up.

    Anthony Hain and Paul Cavezza are ok, Dimitri Partsi is dazed, James Morris is injured and Hannibal Swartz is severely injured.

    I will give more news if/when I hear something.
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    Unhappy :(

    oh no that is terrible news

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    That is just shocking. What a tragedy.

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    I am devastated by the news. RIP Andrew and swift and full recoveries to all the injured.
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    I am very sad to hear this news - I had never met Andrew until today when I shook his hand and congratulated him on winning the Major at the prize giving. From what I have heard he was a lovely guy. RIP. Thinking of the others as well.
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    Vale Andrew Saint

    Such Terrible News, condolences to Andrew's family, and quick recovery to the others in the car. Lost too young...

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    Even worse news - Grant has just added in the shoutbox:

    [02-04-2013 12:33 AM] Grant Szuveges: Hannibel has also been pronounced dead
    [02-04-2013 12:34 AM] Grant Szuveges: James is in a serious condition and has been airlifted to hospital - probably the Alfred Hospital

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    Appalling news. Only hours before Andrew had won the Major; this was sadly his final win:

    PGN Viewer

    I met Andrew a few times over the years. Very friendly guy.

    My thoughts are with Andrew's and Hannibal's friends and family and also the others involved in the accident, and their friends and families too. It is especially terrible at this early stage not knowing exactly what is going on. And also Grant who has had the terrible job of having to relay this news to the broader chess community.

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    RIP Andrew. You went out on top.
    My sympathies go out to both families.
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    I first met Andrew at Mount Buller (2005). He was both a nice guy and a very hard-working official. He was so kind that he created a dvd for me with both a LOT of pictures and the bulletins from the tournament.

    I met him again shortly at the MCC both in 2011 and 2013. Especially in 2011 we shared some memories.

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    R.I.P Andrew Saint

    This is just a small personal tribute to Andrew Saint, a guy that I knew and held the highest respect for.

    I knew Andrew Saint back in the days where South Australian Chess Federation was holding the University Open, now the Checkmate Open where he was one of the organisers. Always a man organising this event with such professionalism until he moved to Melbourne. I am sure South Australian’s will say the same thing.

    When he moved to Melbourne, seeing the hard work he put into the chess community and soon to be his home club, the Melbourne Chess Club (MCC), he will surely be missed.

    There is one event and memory I would like to briefly talk about that holds so close to my heart that it brings me to tears. His last ever big International event was the Istanbul Chess Festival 2012 held at the same time and venue as the Chess Olympiad.

    We were discussing my involvement with the Palau Chess Federation and who I know in the chess world. We were also chatting about the Bermuda Party and everything of that nature and I remember saying that I would be following his progress throughout the event. All of this chat took place in the cafe area of the venue at the Olympiad. Andrew always had a smile on his face, a strong player to play against and all in all, a great person.

    It is just so sad to see this tragic loss. I want to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the family, his very close friends and also SACA and MCC.

    May you Rest In Peace.

    The picture attached is Andrew Saint ready for his round 1 game at the Istanbul Chess Festival 2012 against GM Aleksandr Karpatchev.

    Jamie Kenmure

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    Terrible news for the Chess community and the families and friends of those in the accident.

    The Herald-Sun is reporting...

    Two other passengers were airlifted to the Alfred Hospital in a critical condition...

    I suspect that is Dmitri and James??? but unsure, that is just based on Grant's original post on those injured.

    Absolutely horrific

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    RIP Andrew Saint

    Justin, Wendy and I are very shocked and saddened by this news. Justin spoke to Andrew during the weekend. He was a really nice guy.

    Prayers with James and Dmitry for a full recovery.

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    Devastating news about Andrew.

    He was a good friend to many in SACA and at PAC his old school.

    He was a close friend through his help at PAC ,Mt Buller and many chess activities in SA.

    My heartfelt deepest sympathy go to his father brother and partner.

    Such a terrible loss of a genuinely nice person.

    RIP mate.
    Chess is the greatest game ever !

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