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    Anne Purdy 1915-2013 RIP

    The following article was published in the Sydney Morning Herald Monday 18th March 2013.

    Anne Purdy aged 97 died of pneumonia in Sydney last Monday. The funeral will be held this morning Monday at 10.15 am at Macquarie Park Crematorium, Palm Chapel. Mrs Purdy learned to play chess 93 years ago from her father Spencer Crakanthorp (1885-1936) twice Australian chess champion and 6 times NSW champion from 1905 to 1933. Mrs Purdyís grandfather Lawrence Crakanthorp (1857-1929) was ranked world no 188 in the 1902 historical world rating list.

    Anne Crakanthorp with her family travelled to Dunedin NZL for a tournament in 1925 with the Cranbrook schoolboy Cecil Purdy. Anne and Cecil announced their engagement on March 19th 1932,the day the Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened. They married at Maroubra in 1934. IM Cecil Purdy AM (1906-1979) won 4 Australian Championships and 7 NSW Championships and was the inaugural World Correspondence Chess Champion in 1953.

    Purdy ran a chess business, magazine and chess columns for over 40 years starting during the Great Depression of the 1930ís at 1 Bond St (now Australia Square). Anne Purdy was a strong Sydney A-grade player before retiring from competitive chess in 1973. John Spencer Purdy (1935 Ė 2011) the son of Anne and Cecil Purdy was twice Australian champion and a judge in the family court.

    Diana, the daughter of Anne and Cecil Purdy, married Frank Hutchings (1953 NZL Junior champion) in Sydney 1960. Hutchings is currently competing in the Norths Club Championship in March 2013. Mrs Anne Purdy leaves five grandchildren and their families so the chess dynasty may continue.

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    Sad news. May she rest in peace.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adamski
    Sad news. May she rest in peace.
    Indeed sad news! RIP Anne Purdy and thanks Peter Parr for the obituary!
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