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    Top 500 Cliff Richard songs

    1. My Pretty One
    2. Lean On You
    3. She's So Beautiful
    4. Baby You're Dynamite
    5. Snowfall On The Sahara
    6. Imagine Love
    7. Shooting From The Heart
    8. Please Remember Me
    9. Reunion Of The Heart
    10. Wired For Sound
    11. Love Is The Strongest Emotion
    12. Some People
    13. Saviour's Day
    14. The Only Way Out
    15. Never Say Die
    16. Devil Woman
    17. You Move Heaven
    18. Broken Doll
    19. Under The Influence
    20. Climbing Up Mount Everest
    21. Lindsay Jane
    22. Dreamin'
    23. Let Me Be The One
    24. Healing Love
    25. Carrie
    26. Love Ya
    27. Real As I Wanna Be
    28. Green Light
    29. Love On (Shine On)
    30. Stronger Than That
    31. A Little In Love
    32. Up In Canada
    33. We Should Be Together
    34. Ease Along
    35. Human Work Of Art

    If just one person wants the rest, then We Don't Talk Anymore cos this Voice In The Wilderness will Constantly reel off the rest from the Bachelor Boy. This is a serious threat!!!

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    Good stuff. I like Cliffy's music.
    God exists. Short and to the point.

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    Such a fantastic voice. He's doing concerts in all states - N.S.W. now, and 4 in Melbourne starting Friday. It will be the 11th time I've seen him live. At age 72, the Time Machine has probably only got another 30 years of singing the hits and touring left in him.

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