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    2012 Chess Victoria Schools Finals

    With the Secondary Open finals held on Monday & the Secondary Girls & Primary Girls finals held today, I thought that here would be a good place to update results (particularly as the Chess Victoria webmaster is overseas) from these events, as well as the upcoming Primary Open Semi-Finals & Finals.
    I'll put results of each event in a separate post.

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    The Secondary Open final was held at Brighton Grammar on October & saw 138 players from 22 schools competing. The winning school was Scotch College, while Eugene Schon won the individual tournament. Top 5 scores were counted for team totals. Results as follows:

    Schools Final standings:

    Place Name                           Score
      1   SCOTCH                         28   
      2   MELBOURNE HIGH                 27   
      4   BALWYN HIGH                    25   
      5   BOX HILL HIGH                  22.5 
     6-7  CAMBERWELL GRAMMAR SCHOOL      22   
          MELBOURNE GRAMMAR SCHOOL       22   
      8   BRIGHTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL        19.5 
     10   PENLEIGH & ESSENDON GRAMMAR    17.5 
     13   GIRTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL          12   
     14   VIEW BANK COLLEGE              11   
     15   THE GEELONG COLLEGE            9    
    16-17 CATHOLIC COLLEGE BENDIGO       8    
          LYNDALE SECONDARY COLLEGE      8    
     18   ELTHAM HIGH SCHOOL             7    
     19   FOREST HILL COLLEGE            6.5  
     20   HAILEYBURY COLLEGE             5    
     21   KINGSWOOD COLLEGE              4    
     22   PATTERSON RIVER SC             2
    Individual Crosstable:

    No  Name                          Club                           Total   1     2     3     4     5     6     7  
    1   Schon, Eugene                 Scotch                         7      82:W  83:W  52:W   3:W  16:W  12:W   2:W
    2   Zelesco, Karl                 Balwyn High                    6     126:W  50:W   8:W  18:W  15:W  10:W   1:L
    3   Cheng, Bobby                  Melbourne High                 6      24:W  80:W  34:W   1:L  14:W  29:W  10:W
    4   Cheah, Matthew                Scotch                         6      44:W   9:W  47:W  15:L  77:W  19:W  21:W
    5   Gibson, Kyle                  Box Hill High                  6     113:W  43:W  36:W  10:L  46:W  16:W  11:W
    6   Chan, Michael                 Glen Waverley Secondary Colleg 6      92:W  29:L  44:W  57:W  48:W  42:W  20:W
    7   Chew, Jason                   East Doncaster Secondary Colle 5.5    81:W  17:D  14:D  80:W  37:W  13:D  30:W
    8   Fong, Terence                 Melbourne High                 5.5    23:W  84:W   2:L  89:W  43:W  30:D  29:W
    9   Lui, Stephen                  Melbourne High                 5.5    87:W   4:L  85:W  63:D  65:W  51:W  32:W
    10  Yu, Kevin                     Scotch                         5      37:+  40:W  38:W   5:W  13:W   2:L   3:L
    11  Fan, Kevin                    Scotch                         5     100:W  26:W  30:L  25:W  24:W  15:W   5:L
    12  Chew Lee, Max                 Camberwell Grammar School      5      20:W  19:W  29:D  66:W  31:W   1:L  17:D
    13  Kit Ming, Foo                 Glen Waverley Secondary Colleg 5      21:W 118:W  49:W  27:W  10:L   7:D  18:D
    14  Loh, Zachary                  Glen Waverley Secondary Colleg 5      46:W  18:D   7:D  55:W   3:L  54:W  43:W
    15  Yu, Allen                     Melbourne High                 5      45:W 112:W  71:W   4:W   2:L  11:L  47:W
    16  Yu, Alec                      Glen Waverley Secondary Colleg 5     106:W  69:W  35:W  39:W   1:L   5:L  63:W
    17  Ng, Joshua                    Melbourne High                 5      54:W   7:D  67:W  31:L  71:W  33:W  12:D
    18  Cheng, Gavin                  Melbourne High                 5      75:W  14:D  70:W   2:L  81:W  63:W  13:D
    19  Ng, Issac                     Melbourne High                 5      63:W  12:L  83:W  52:W  49:W   4:L  41:W
    20  O'Shaughnessy, Jack           Melbourne Grammar School       5      12:L 101:W  82:W  38:W  39:W  41:W   6:L
    21  Yung, Cameron                 Eltham High School             5      13:L 111:W  86:W  69:W  64:W  40:W   4:L
    22  Zhi Lin, Guo                  Balwyn High                    5      47:L 123:W  53:W  45:L  90:W  50:W  42:W
    23  Tang, Jonas                   Scotch                         5       8:L  37:L 137:W  82:W  69:W  52:W  48:W
    24  Ni, John                      Glen Waverley Secondary Colleg 5       3:L  87:W  88:W  93:W  11:L  83:W  38:W
    25  Shih, Tymon                   Balwyn High                    5      38:L 114:W  96:W  11:L  88:W  39:W  40:W
    26  Ying, Jimmy                   Haileybury College             5     115:W  11:L  37:L 104:W  53:W  77:W  45:W
    27  Chan, Rockson                 Box Hill High                  5     135:W  91:W  64:W  13:L  40:L  86:W  44:W
    28  Wang, Alan                    Melbourne Grammar School       5     124:W  65:W  39:L  77:L 112:W  78:W  37:W
    29  Liu, Nicholas                 Scotch                         4.5    79:W   6:W  12:D  51:W  30:W   3:L   8:L
    30  Yuan, Daniel                  Balwyn High                    4.5   137:W  48:W  11:W  42:W  29:L   8:D   7:L
    31  Daffy, Joseph                 Scotch                         4.5    61:W 109:W  51:D  17:W  12:L  32:L  70:W
    32  Huang, James                  Balwyn High                    4.5    97:D  66:L 104:W  68:W  36:W  31:W   9:L
    33  Guo, Steven                   Camberwell Grammar School      4.5    70:D 104:W  41:L  74:W  35:W  17:L  79:W
    34  Liang, Oscar                  Camberwell Grammar School      4.5   105:W  94:W   3:L  54:L  72:W  49:D  67:W
    35  Chau, Hamish                  Brentwood Secondary College    4.5   107:W  74:D  16:L 106:W  33:L  73:W  68:W
    36  Chan, Nicholas                Melbourne High                 4.5   133:W  86:W   5:L  41:D  32:L 107:W  65:W
    37  Karumbi, Simon                Melbourne High                 4      10:-  23:W  26:W 108:W   7:L  46:W  28:L
    38  Devarajh, Joshua              Lyndale Secondary College      4      25:W  68:W  10:L  20:L  89:W  59:W  24:L
    39  Ellery-Thornley, Max          Scotch                         4     119:W  59:W  28:W  16:L  20:L  25:L  89:W
    40  Hamilton, Liam                Kingswood College              4      73:W  10:L  60:W 113:W  27:W  21:L  25:L
    41  Chen, Michael                 Scotch                         4      66:D  97:W  33:W  36:D  45:W  20:L  19:L
    42  Jin, Andrew                   Brighton Grammar School        4      76:W 108:W  55:W  30:L  54:W   6:L  22:L
    43  Yu, Martin                    Camberwell Grammar School      4      78:W   5:L 110:W  50:W   8:L  64:W  14:L
    44  Moffat, James                 Brighton Grammar School        4       4:L  79:W   6:L 105:W  94:W  55:W  27:L
    45  Jiang, Jeffrey                Brighton Grammar School        4      15:L 100:W  84:W  22:W  41:L  56:W  26:L
    46  Canale, Dominic               Scotch                         4      14:L 133:W  62:W  47:W   5:L  37:L  86:W
    47  Lakey, Jackson                Forest Hill College            4      22:W  85:W   4:L  46:L  95:W  79:W  15:L
    48  Gruen, Alex                   Melbourne Grammar School       4      72:W  30:L  99:W 109:W   6:L  58:W  23:L
    49  Chin, David                   Balwyn High                    4      62:W 116:W  13:L 107:W  19:L  34:D  51:D
    50  Hughes, Jack                  Melbourne High                 4      58:W   2:L  72:W  43:L  99:W  22:L  84:W
    51  Sitch, Joe                    Melbourne Grammar School       4     114:W  88:W  31:D  29:L  67:W   9:L  49:D
    52  Clare, Rowan                  View Bank College              4     132:W 120:W   1:L  19:L  61:W  23:L 100:W
    53  Lam, Adrian                   Box Hill High                  4      56:L  58:W  22:L  84:W  26:L  99:W  85:W
    54  Chen, Alex                    Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    4      17:L 138:W 116:W  34:W  42:L  14:L  90:W
    55  Chen, Steven                  Camberwell Grammar School      4     138:W  90:W  42:L  14:L  62:W  44:L  81:W
    56  Zhu, Zheng Cheng              Scotch                         4      53:W  67:L  57:L 110:W  98:W  45:L  78:W
    57  Lau, Andrew                   Box Hill High                  4      85:L 102:W  56:W   6:L  58:L 121:W  94:W
    58  Wu, Henry                     Camberwell Grammar School      4      50:L  53:L 123:W 115:W  57:W  48:L  77:W
    59  Van Zyl Smit, Michael         View Bank College              4      98:W  39:L  78:W  64:L 110:W  38:L  91:W
    60  Tashevski-Beckwith, Alexander Melbourne Grammar School       4      64:L  98:W  40:L 114:W  78:L  96:W  82:W
    61  Schrod, Jan                   Brighton Grammar School        4      31:L  77:L 122:W 128:W  52:L  88:W  93:W
    62  Parker, Connor                Lyndale Secondary College      4      49:L 122:W  46:L 125:W  55:L 118:W  83:W
    63  Chen, Kollan                  Scotch                         3.5    19:L 136:W  92:W   9:D  66:W  18:L  16:L
    64  Foo, Jules                    Scotch                         3.5    60:W 117:W  27:L  59:W  21:L  43:L  72:D
    65  Foo, Colin                    Brentwood Secondary College    3.5    95:W  28:L  68:D 117:W   9:L  66:W  36:L
    66  Neville, Jayden               St.Ignatius Secondary College  3.5    41:D  32:W  74:W  12:L  63:L  65:L 105:W
    67  Foo, Cameron                  Brentwood Secondary College    3.5   104:D  56:W  17:L  70:W  51:L 109:W  34:L
    68  Steele, Angus                 Scotch                         3.5    96:W  38:L  65:D  32:L  97:W  74:W  35:L
    69  Ibrahim, Joseph               Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3.5   127:W  16:L  95:W  21:L  23:L 113:W  73:D
    70  Wickramasinghe, Chamath       Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3.5    33:D 125:W  18:L  67:L 106:W  71:W  31:L
    71  Ekkel, Alexander              Melbourne Grammar School       3.5    89:W 121:W  15:L  81:D  17:L  70:L 109:W
    72  Wang, Matthew                 Brighton Grammar School        3.5    48:L 126:W  50:L 124:W  34:L  80:W  64:D
    73  Wong, Darren                  Scotch                         3.5    40:L  78:L 134:W  91:W  80:W  35:L  69:D
    74  Liew, Wen Bin                 East Doncaster Secondary Colle 3.5   131:W  35:D  66:L  33:L 117:W  68:L 108:W
    75  Nguyen, Liem                  Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3.5    18:L  93:L  87:W 101:W  79:L 105:D 106:W
    76  Yu, Kevin (BH)                Box Hill High                  3.5    42:L 110:L 111:D  87:L 134:W 104:W 107:W
    77  Hartshorn, Finn               Girton Grammar School          3      84:L  61:W 121:W  28:W   4:L  26:L  58:L
    78  Ip, Samuel                    Balwyn High                    3      43:L  73:W  59:L 102:W  60:W  28:L  56:L
    79  Bunnage, Timothy              Box Hill High                  3      29:L  44:L 135:W  92:W  75:W  47:L  33:L
    80  Manawadu, Dmithri             Camberwell Grammar School      3     101:W   3:L  94:W   7:L  73:L  72:L 118:W
    81  Norton, Matthew               View Bank College              3       7:L 103:W 131:W  71:D  18:L  93:D  55:L
    82  Cutter, Sean                  Camberwell Grammar School      3       1:L 129:W  20:L  23:L 120:W 119:W  60:L
    83  Chu, Finton                   East Doncaster Secondary Colle 3     136:W   1:L  19:L 120:W 116:W  24:L  62:L
    84  Wood, Jack                    Scotch                         3      77:W   8:L  45:L  53:L 122:W  92:W  50:L
    85  Barry, Jack                   Balwyn High                    3      57:W  47:L   9:L  90:L 115:W 108:W  53:L
    86  Leung, Marcus                 East Doncaster Secondary Colle 3     125:W  36:L  21:L 118:W 113:W  27:L  46:L
    87  Chahinian, Noobar             Balwyn High                    3       9:L  24:L  75:L  76:W  92:L 115:W 116:W
    88  Cormick, Ian                  Box Hill High                  3     129:W  51:L  24:L 119:W  25:L  61:L 120:W
    89  Siu, Raymond                  Camberwell Grammar School      3      71:L 115:W 112:W   8:L  38:L 101:W  39:L
    90  Liu, Robert                   Scotch                         3     128:W  55:L 108:L  85:W  22:L 127:W  54:L
    91  Kues, Adam                    Camberwell Grammar School      3     102:W  27:L 113:L  73:L 125:W  95:W  59:L
    92  Mavrias, Dion                 Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3       6:L 105:W  63:L  79:L  87:W  84:L 128:W
    93  Cutter, Tom                   Camberwell Grammar School      3     116:L  75:W 120:W  24:L 109:D  81:D  61:L
    94  Carasavidis, Georgio          Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3     123:W  34:L  80:L 132:W  44:L 116:W  57:L
    95  Teo, Henry                    Scotch                         3      65:L 134:W  69:L  96:W  47:L  91:L 114:W
    96  Faulkner, Andy                The Geelong College            3      68:L 119:W  25:L  95:L 129:W  60:L 113:W
    97  Wu, Yang                      East Doncaster Secondary Colle 3      32:D  41:L 105:L 111:W  68:L 117:D 112:W
    98  Geng, David                   Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3      59:L  60:L 119:L 136:W  56:L 123:W 117:W
    99  Tzimos, Leon                  Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3     112:L 137:W  48:L 130:W  50:L  53:L 122:W
    100 Spriggins, Josh               St.Ignatius Secondary College  3      11:L  45:L 115:L 137:W 131:W 112:W  52:L
    101 Chan, Jason                   Scotch                         3      80:L  20:L 136:W  75:L 132:W  89:L 119:W
    102 Zhao, Michael                 Scotch                         3      91:L  57:L 126:W  78:L 114:W 106:L 124:W
    103 Devine, Kyle                  Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    3     120:L  81:L 132:L 135:W 119:L 133:W 121:W
    104 Teo, Melvin                   East Doncaster Secondary Colle 2.5    67:D  33:L  32:L  26:L 111:W  76:L 135:W
    105 Bevan, Fin                    Girton Grammar School          2.5    34:L  92:L  97:W  44:L 126:W  75:D  66:L
    106 Kerr-Nelson, James            St.Ignatius Secondary College  2.5    16:L 127:W 117:D  35:L  70:L 102:W  75:L
    107 Miaw, Ming                    Forest Hill College            2.5    35:L 128:W 118:W  49:L 108:D  36:L  76:L
    108 Zhou, Allan                   Girton Grammar School          2.5   110:W  42:L  90:W  37:L 107:D  85:L  74:L
    109 Tribel, William               Brighton Grammar School        2.5   122:W  31:L 130:W  48:L  93:D  67:L  71:L
    110 Lam, Edmond                   Balwyn High                    2.5   108:L  76:W  43:L  56:L  59:L 131:D 127:W
    111 Lam, Marcus                   Camberwell Grammar School      2.5   118:L  21:L  76:D  97:L 104:L 129:W 131:W
    112 Gibbons, Xavier               Patterson River SC             2      99:W  15:L  89:L 121:W  28:L 100:L  97:L
    113 Vella, Nicholas               St.Ignatius Secondary College  2       5:L 124:W  91:W  40:L  86:L  69:L  96:L
    114 Eenjies, Tavish               Girton Grammar School          2      51:L  25:L 129:W  60:L 102:L 126:W  95:L
    115 Ibrahim, Laurie               Penleigh & Essendon Grammar    2      26:L  89:L 100:W  58:L  85:L  87:L 133:W
    116 Quah, Grace                   Brentwood Secondary College    2      93:W  49:L  54:L 131:W  83:L  94:L  87:L
    117 Waller, Chris                 Camberwell Grammar School      2     134:W  64:L 106:D  65:L  74:L  97:D  98:L
    118 Allen, Monty                  Melbourne Grammar School       2     111:W  13:L 107:L  86:L 124:W  62:L  80:L
    119 Smith, River                  Girton Grammar School          2      39:L  96:L  98:W  88:L 103:W  82:L 101:L
    120 Sitch, Will                   Melbourne Grammar School       2     103:W  52:L  93:L  83:L  82:L 130:W  88:L
    121 Vella, Jessica                St.Ignatius Secondary College  2     130:W  71:L  77:L 112:L 128:W  57:L 103:L
    122 Gao, Nathan                   The Geelong College            2     109:L  62:L  61:L 133:W  84:L 132:W  99:L
    123 Liu, Erik                     Scotch                         2      94:L  22:L  58:L 127:L 138:W  98:L 134:W
    124 Gundry, Luke                  Eltham High School             2      28:L 113:L 127:W  72:L 118:L 125:W 102:L
    125 Berryman, Will                Catholic College Bendigo       2      86:L  70:L 138:W  62:L  91:L 124:L 136:W
    126 Knight, Joshua                Catholic College Bendigo       2       2:L  72:L 102:L 138:W 105:L 114:L 132:W
    127 Yap, Ben                      Camberwell Grammar School      2      69:L 106:L 124:L 123:W 130:W  90:L 110:L
    128 Carruthers, Jeremy            The Geelong College            2      90:L 107:L 133:W  61:L 121:L 135:W  92:L
    129 Quah, Geraldine               Brentwood Secondary College    2      88:L  82:L 114:L 134:W  96:L 111:L 138:W
    130 Goffin, Rowan                 Catholic College Bendigo       2     121:L 132:W 109:L  99:L 127:L 120:L 137:W
    131 Brannan, Riley                Girton Grammar School          1.5    74:L 135:W  81:L 116:L 100:L 110:D 111:L
    132 Price, Lewis                  Girton Grammar School          1      52:L 130:L 103:W  94:L 101:L 122:L 126:L
    133 Mann, Stephanie               Catholic College Bendigo       1      36:L  46:L 128:L 122:L 137:W 103:L 115:L
    134 Gregory, Alexander            The Geelong College            1     117:L  95:L  73:L 129:L  76:L 137:W 123:L
    135 Lyons, Charlotte              Catholic College Bendigo       1      27:L 131:L  79:L 103:L 136:W 128:L 104:L
    136 Patrick, Amelia               The Geelong College            1      83:L  63:L 101:L  98:L 135:L 138:W 125:L
    137 King, Zac                     Girton Grammar School          0      30:L  99:L  23:L 100:L 133:L 134:L 130:L
    138 Morrison, Thomas              Girton Grammar School          0      55:L  54:L 125:L 126:L 123:L 136:L 129:L
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    The Primary Girls final, held at Lauriston on October 16 saw 102 girls from 18 schools competing. The winning schools was PLC, while Emily Lin won the individual tournament. Top 5 scores were counted for team totals. Results as follows:

    School Final Standings:

    Place Name                         Score
      1   PLC                          26.5 
     3-4  DEEPDENE PS                  24   
          GREYTHORN PS                 24   
      5   MOUNT VIEW PS                20.5 
      6   MLC                          19   
      7   LOWER PLENTY PS              18   
     8-9  WEEDEN HEIGHTS PS            17   
          LAURISTON                    17   
     10   KANGAROO GROUND PS           16.5 
    11-12 PRESTON PS                   14.5 
          LOWTHER HALL                 14.5 
     13   LORETO                       12   
    14-15 SOLWAY PRIMARY SCHOOL        11.5 
          CAMBERWELL GIRLS GRAMMAR     11.5 
     16   LIVINGSTONE PS               6    
     17   ALTONA MEADOWS PS            5    
     18   GREAT RYRIE PS               4.5
    Individual Crosstable:

    No  Name                Club                         Total   1     2     3     4     5     6     7  
    1   Lin, Emily          St.Andrews Christian College 7      34:W  49:W  39:W  12:W   3:W   8:W   2:W
    2   Renshaw, Jaimee     Livingstone PS               6      31:W  20:W  48:W  11:W   6:W   9:W   1:L
    3   Fan, Phoebe         Greythorn PS                 6      90:W  41:W  40:W  10:W   1:L  18:W  14:W
    4   Chew Lee, Alannah   Deepdene PS                  6      87:W  14:W  26:W   9:L  29:W  10:W  11:W
    5   Aggarwal, Malika    PLC                          6      21:L  52:W  23:W  28:W  13:W  33:W   9:W
    6   Chin, Kee Mei       St.Andrews Christian College 5.5    24:W  37:W   8:D  21:W   2:L  38:W  25:W
    7   Geeson, Madison     PLC                          5.5    98:W  27:L  41:W  22:D  47:W  16:W  21:W
    8   Mahesan, Sharen     Greythorn PS                 5.5    68:W  58:W   6:D  74:W  38:W   1:L  30:W
    9   Irvine, Alexandra   Kangaroo Ground PS           5      56:W  22:W  27:W   4:W  32:W   2:L   5:L
    10  Liu, Esther         St.Andrews Christian College 5      17:W  47:W  18:W   3:L  42:W   4:L  34:W
    11  Gibson, Lucinda     PLC                          5      80:W  35:W  16:W   2:L  27:W  32:W   4:L
    12  Duan, Selina        Camberwell Girls Grammar     5      46:W  28:W  29:W   1:L  26:W  14:L  27:W
    13  Mahon, Gabrielle    MLC                          5      74:L  17:W  19:W  35:W   5:L  62:W  32:W
    14  Paramasivam, Pavi   PLC                          5      86:W   4:L  89:W  58:W  20:W  12:W   3:L
    15  Cheah, Stephanie    Deepdene PS                  5      26:L  87:W  51:W  29:L  28:W  40:W  42:W
    16  Suric, Petra        Greythorn PS                 5      93:W  60:W  11:L  61:W  31:W   7:L  33:W
    17  Zhang, Emily        Deepdene PS                  5      10:L  13:L  52:W  43:W  77:W  57:W  50:W
    18  Weerarathne, Lucy   PLC                          5      57:W  45:W  10:L  76:W  74:W   3:L  31:W
    19  Davis, Sophie       Altona Meadows PS            5      28:L 101:W  13:L  51:W  67:W  26:W  29:W
    20  Cheng, Shien        Mount View PS                4.5    71:W   2:L  37:W  40:W  14:L  39:W  23:D
    21  Logan, Janelle      Lower Plenty PS              4.5     5:W  74:D  75:W   6:L  22:W  48:W   7:L
    22  Woon, Clarice       St.Andrews Christian College 4.5    43:W   9:L  93:W   7:D  21:L  74:W  48:W
    23  McGowan, Sophie     Kangaroo Ground PS           4.5    53:D  50:W   5:L  75:W  30:D  58:W  20:D
    24  Page, Erin          Weeden Heights PS            4.5     6:L  59:W  54:W  47:D  50:W  25:L  49:W
    25  Kerwin, Bethany     Great Ryrie PS               4.5    97:L  92:W  30:D  53:W  36:W  24:W   6:L
    26  Ni, Mary            Mount View PS                4      15:W  30:W   4:L  34:W  12:L  19:L  58:W
    27  Tang, Faith         St.Andrews Christian College 4      84:W   7:W   9:L  64:W  11:L  44:W  12:L
    28  Phillips, Hannah    Preston PS                   4      19:W  12:L  60:W   5:L  15:L  86:W  57:W
    29  Shum, Elaine        Mount View PS                4      77:W  89:W  12:L  15:W   4:L  60:W  19:L
    30  Chan, Helena        Lauriston                    4      52:W  26:L  25:D  82:W  23:D  37:W   8:L
    31  Ekanayake, Chamodi  Mount View PS                4       2:L  71:W  80:W  69:W  16:L  35:W  18:L
    32  Yao, Licia          St.Andrews Christian College 4      72:W  79:W  64:W  33:W   9:L  11:L  13:L
    33  Irvine, Amelia      Kangaroo Ground PS           4      83:W  88:W  36:W  32:L  39:W   5:L  16:L
    34  Zelesco, Mia        Deepdene PS                  4       1:L  43:W  57:W  26:L  75:W  59:W  10:L
    35  Ware, Rachel        Lower Plenty PS              4     102:W  11:L  45:W  13:L  66:W  31:L  65:W
    36  Stone, Alexandra    Lowther Hall                 4      70:W  63:W  33:L  48:D  25:L  47:W  38:D
    37  Scott, Hannah       Deepdene PS                  4      59:W   6:L  20:L  63:W  65:W  30:L  66:W
    38  Shetty, Reah        Mount View PS                4      85:W  75:D  78:W  62:W   8:L   6:L  36:D
    39  Suric, Donna        Greythorn PS                 4      99:W  61:W   1:L  66:W  33:L  20:L  59:W
    40  Que, Joyce          Weeden Heights PS            4      94:W  65:W   3:L  20:L  86:W  15:L  60:W
    41  Vanzo, Alana        Lauriston                    4      66:W   3:L   7:L  57:L  87:W  78:W  61:W
    42  Sia, Olivia         Mount View PS                4      45:L 102:W  63:W  86:W  10:L  61:W  15:L
    43  King, Annalise      MLC                          4      22:L  34:L  95:W  17:L  98:W  80:W  62:W
    44  Lai, Emmeline       Deepdene PS                  4      49:L  81:W  62:L  88:W  54:W  27:L  68:W
    45  Heng, Saskia        Deepdene PS                  4      42:W  18:L  35:L  67:L 101:W  91:W  87:W
    46  Powell, Shalana     Mount View PS                4      12:L  86:L  59:L  99:W  63:W  70:W  89:W
    47  Zhong, Amy          Mount View PS                3.5    55:W  10:L  79:W  24:D   7:L  36:L  77:W
    48  Haritharan, Aareni  Mount View PS                3.5    92:W  97:W   2:L  36:D  49:W  21:L  22:L
    49  Xu, Wendy           Greythorn PS                 3.5    44:W   1:L  84:D  78:W  48:L  53:W  24:L
    50  Ashburner, Ella     MLC                          3.5    82:D  23:L  88:W  84:W  24:L  55:W  17:L
    51  Li, Kathy           Lower Plenty PS              3.5    88:L  55:W  15:L  19:L  97:W  69:W  54:D
    52  Ng, Kaye            Mount View PS                3.5    30:L   5:L  17:L  85:D 102:W  84:W  74:W
    53  Burbridge, Jessie   MLC                          3.5    23:D  78:L  96:W  25:L  82:W  49:L  67:W
    54  Browne, Karly       Solway Primary School        3.5   100:W  64:L  24:L  91:W  44:L  73:W  51:D
    55  Wright, Piper       Camberwell Girls Grammar     3.5    47:L  51:L 102:W  70:D  78:W  50:L  75:W
    56  Uthiyakumar, Pratha Weeden Heights PS            3.5     9:L  57:L 100:W  79:L  71:W  77:D  76:W
    57  Jury, Emma          Lower Plenty PS              3      18:L  56:W  34:L  41:W  68:W  17:L  28:L
    58  Carajias, Mary      Preston PS                   3      73:W   8:L  91:W  14:L  64:W  23:L  26:L
    59  Gibley, Nicola      Lower Plenty PS              3      37:L  24:L  46:W  97:W  69:W  34:L  39:L
    60  Elias, Anne         Lowther Hall                 3      67:W  16:L  28:L  98:W  72:W  29:L  40:L
    61  Evangelides, Lia    Preston PS                   3      95:W  39:L  67:W  16:L  83:W  42:L  41:L
    62  Albrecht, Sigrid    Solway Primary School        3      64:L 100:W  44:W  38:L  79:W  13:L  43:L
    63  Ellul, Katie        Loreto                       3      69:W  36:L  42:L  37:L  46:L  97:W  90:W
    64  Lui, Annie          Lauriston                    3      62:W  54:W  32:L  27:L  58:L  65:L  95:W
    65  Chandraraj, Chloe   St.Andrews Christian College 3      76:W  40:L  69:L  90:W  37:L  64:W  35:L
    66  Irvine, Jordan      Kangaroo Ground PS           3      41:L  90:W  97:W  39:L  35:L  83:W  37:L
    67  Roberts, Isabel     Lauriston                    3      60:L  77:W  61:L  45:W  19:L  79:W  53:L
    68  Bailey, Hannah      Weeden Heights PS            3       8:L  73:W  76:L  87:W  57:L  72:W  44:L
    69  Robson, Elizabeth   Lauriston                    3      63:L  70:W  65:W  31:L  59:L  51:L  94:W
    70  Hill, Eve           MLC                          3      36:L  69:L  92:D  55:D  90:W  46:L  91:W
    71  Ong, Elli           Camberwell Girls Grammar     3      20:L  31:L  81:D  96:D  56:L  98:W  86:W
    72  Lin, Felicia        Deepdene PS                  3      32:L  83:W  86:L  89:W  60:L  68:L  88:W
    73  Mills, Ruby         Lowther Hall                 3      58:L  68:L  98:L  94:W  95:W  54:L  92:W
    74  Barratt, Phoebe     Lauriston                    2.5    13:W  21:D  82:W   8:L  18:L  22:L  52:L
    75  Da Silva, Dominique Lauriston                    2.5    91:W  38:D  21:L  23:L  34:L  82:W  55:L
    76  Morton, Lulu        Lauriston                    2.5    65:L  94:W  68:W  18:L   0:D   0:   56:L
    77  Hanlon, Georgia     Lowther Hall                 2.5    29:L  67:L 101:W  80:W  17:L  56:D  47:L
    78  Demko, Natalie      Deepdene PS                  2.5    96:D  53:W  38:L  49:L  55:L  41:L 100:W
    79  Jassal, Asha        Deepdene PS                  2.5    81:W  32:L  47:L  56:W  62:L  67:L  80:D
    80  Sheeran, Kath       Loreto                       2.5    11:L  99:W  31:L  77:L  93:W  43:L  79:D
    81  Walker, Stella      Lauriston                    2.5    79:L  44:L  71:D  92:D   0:D   0:  101:W
    82  Maccar, Faith       Loreto                       2.5    50:D  96:W  74:L  30:L  53:L  75:L  98:W
    83  Telburn, Romany     Lower Plenty PS              2.5    33:L  72:L  99:W  93:W  61:L  66:L  85:D
    84  Ilievsky, Caitlin   Preston PS                   2.5    27:L  98:W  49:D  50:L  89:L  52:L 102:W
    85  Hammond, Maisy      Solway Primary School        2.5    38:L  91:L  90:L  52:D  99:W  92:D  83:D
    86  Chinsen, Jordy      Lauriston                    2      14:L  46:W  72:W  42:L  40:L  28:L  71:L
    87  Ormandy, Scarlett   Preston PS                   2       4:L  15:L  94:W  68:L  41:L 102:W  45:L
    88  Xu, Julia           Lowther Hall                 2      51:W  33:L  50:L  44:L  91:L  93:W  72:L
    89  Dwyer, Gergia       Lower Plenty PS              2     101:W  29:L  14:L  72:L  84:W  94:L  46:L
    90  Katsanis, Ava       Lauriston                    2       3:L  66:L  85:W  65:L  70:L  96:W  63:L
    91  Philipson, Lucinda  Loreto                       2      75:L  85:W  58:L  54:L  88:W  45:L  70:L
    92  Stavrou, Victoria   Weeden Heights PS            2      48:L  25:L  70:D  81:D  96:D  85:D  73:L
    93  Houdousek, Candy    Lauriston                    2      16:L  95:W  22:L  83:L  80:L  88:L  97:W
    94  Duggan, Allanah     Loreto                       2      40:L  76:L  87:L  73:L 100:W  89:W  69:L
    95  Ryan, Madeleine     Deepdene PS                  2      61:L  93:L  43:L 100:W  73:L  99:W  64:L
    96  Pickering, Hayley   Solway Primary School        1.5    78:D  82:L  53:L  71:D  92:D  90:L  99:L
    97  Werner, Milena      Solway Primary School        1      25:W  48:L  66:L  59:L  51:L  63:L  93:L
    98  Satyajit, Vidya     Lauriston                    1       7:L  84:L  73:W  60:L  43:L  71:L  82:L
    99  Hutchinson, Lauren  Lauriston                    1      39:L  80:L  83:L  46:L  85:L  95:L  96:W
    100 Martin, Charlie     Lauriston                    1      54:L  62:L  56:L  95:L  94:L 101:W  78:L
    101 Rajpal, Saachi      Weeden Heights PS            1      89:L  19:L  77:L 102:W  45:L 100:L  81:L
    102 Jeffs, Sophie       Lauriston                    0      35:L  42:L  55:L 101:L  52:L  87:L  84:L

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    The Secondary Girls Final was also held at Lauriston on October 16 & saw 56 girls from 11 schools competing. The winning school was PLC & May Foo won the individual tournament. Top 5 scores were counted for teams totals. Results were as follows:

    School Final Standings:

    Place Name                        Score
      1   PLC                         26   
      2   MAC ROBERTSON GIRLS HS      25   
     3-5  PENLEIGH & ESSENDON GS      18   
          GENAZZANO FCJ COLLEGE       18   
          OUR LADY OF SION            18   
      6   MLC                         15   
     7-8  GLEN WAVERLEY SC            10   
    9-10  CATHOLIC LADIES COLLEGE     5.5  
          BALWYN HIGH SCHOOL          5.5  
     11   VIEW BANK COLLEGE           4
    Individual Crosstable:

    No Name                  Club                        Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7  
    1  Foo, May              PLC                         7     38:W 34:W 17:W  8:W  4:W 12:W  6:W
    2  Zhi Lin, Guo          Balwyn High School          5.5   12:L 52:W 19:W  5:W 11:W  7:W  4:D
    3  Mendis, Shanaya       PLC                         5.5   39:W 14:W  7:W 13:W 12:D  6:L 23:W
    4  Le, Xuan              Mac Robertson Girls HS      5.5   53:W 29:W 28:W 18:W  1:L 15:W  2:D
    5  Ravitharan, Sakhti    PLC                         5.5   31:W 13:D 44:W  2:L 43:W  8:W 14:W
    6  Gu-Yang, Bonita       Glen Waverley SC            5     16:W 41:W 20:W 12:L 18:W  3:W  1:L
    7  Ho, Nguyen            Mac Robertson Girls HS      5     54:W 15:W  3:L 36:W  9:W  2:L 22:W
    8  Oke, Claudia          Mac Robertson Girls HS      5     56:W 49:W  9:W  1:L 17:W  5:L 24:W
    9  Bombardieri, Isabella Genazzano FCJ College       5     46:W 40:W  8:L 22:W  7:L 18:W 19:W
    10 Baker, Tamara         Glen Waverley SC            5     20:L 46:W 16:L 47:W 27:W 13:W 12:W
    11 Galaudage, Shanika    Mac Robertson Girls HS      5     29:L 55:W 33:W 30:W  2:L 16:W 15:W
    12 Narenthran, Janaki    Mac Robertson Girls HS      4.5    2:W 33:W 30:W  6:W  3:D  1:L 10:L
    13 Han, Adeline          Mac Robertson Girls HS      4.5   27:W  5:D 21:W  3:L 29:W 10:L 28:W
    14 Chong, Deborah        Mac Robertson Girls HS      4.5   24:W  3:L 29:D 21:W 28:W 17:W  5:L
    15 Wong, Chloe           PLC                         4     50:W  7:L 23:W 34:W 25:W  4:L 11:L
    16 Chen, Jennifer        PLC                         4      6:L 17:L 10:W 52:W 34:W 11:L 38:W
    17 Van, Julia            Genazzano FCJ College       4     45:W 16:W  1:L 35:W  8:L 14:L 37:W
    18 Griffin, Anna         Our Lady of Sion            4     51:W 35:W 32:W  4:L  6:L  9:L 36:W
    19 Hudson Jones, Rachel  Mac Robertson Girls HS      4     55:W 28:L  2:L 20:W 30:W 33:W  9:L
    20 Yeowart, Mollie       Our Lady of Sion            4     10:W 32:L  6:L 19:L 52:W 42:W 35:W
    21 Quah, Grace           Brentwood Secondary College 4     44:D 26:W 13:L 14:L 31:D 51:W 33:W
    22 Escobar, Joanna       Our Lady of Sion            4     43:W 30:L 49:W  9:L 44:W 32:W  7:L
    23 Zhang, Grace          MLC                         4     28:L 54:W 15:L 45:W 26:W 37:W  3:L
    24 Condell, Amber        Penleigh & Essendon GS      4     14:L 31:D 51:W 44:W 32:D 36:W  8:L
    25 He, Mona              Mac Robertson Girls HS      4     33:L 53:W 26:W 43:D 15:L 31:W 30:D
    26 Ware, Lauren          View Bank College           4     52:W 21:L 25:L 42:W 23:L 47:W 32:W
    27 Donaldson, Kate       Penleigh & Essendon GS      4     13:L 50:W 31:L 39:W 10:L 48:W 34:W
    28 Carew, Rhianne        Penleigh & Essendon GS      3.5   23:W 19:W  4:L 32:D 14:L 43:W 13:L
    29 Craig, Ashleigh       Penleigh & Essendon GS      3.5   11:W  4:L 14:D 31:W 13:L 35:L 43:W
    30 Quah, Geraldine       Brentwood Secondary College 3.5   48:W 22:W 12:L 11:L 19:L 41:W 25:D
    31 Walsh, Amy            MLC                         3      5:L 24:D 27:W 29:L 21:D 25:L 48:W
    32 Nguyen, Jenny         Genazzano FCJ College       3     41:W 20:W 18:L 28:D 24:D 22:L 26:L
    33 Haddad, Carole        Penleigh & Essendon GS      3     25:W 12:L 11:L 46:W 38:W 19:L 21:L
    34 Riley, Dana           Genazzano FCJ College       3     37:W  1:L 45:W 15:L 16:L 40:W 27:L
    35 Hor, Elise            Catholic Ladies College     3     47:W 18:L 48:W 17:L 37:L 29:W 20:L
    36 Nassif, Rita          Genazzano FCJ College       3     40:L 47:W 37:W  7:L 48:W 24:L 18:L
    37 Shallvey, Nicolette   Our Lady of Sion            3     34:L 38:W 36:L 50:W 35:W 23:L 17:L
    38 Lloyd, Alexandra      MLC                         3      1:L 37:L 46:W 40:W 33:L 45:W 16:L
    39 Mylonas, Zoe          MLC                         3      3:L 45:L 41:W 27:L 40:L 44:W 47:W
    40 Lam, Shermy           Our Lady of Sion            3     36:W  9:L 43:L 38:L 39:W 34:L 50:W
    41 Nguyen, Thanh         Our Lady of Sion            3     32:L  6:L 39:L 53:W 49:W 30:L 54:W
    42 Rajpal, Simran        Mac Robertson Girls HS      3     49:L 43:L 53:W 26:L 54:W 20:L 45:W
    43 Kim, Katherine        Catholic Ladies College     2.5   22:L 42:W 40:W 25:D  5:L 28:L 29:L
    44 Vu, Hien              Mac Robertson Girls HS      2.5   21:D 56:W  5:L 24:L 22:L 39:L 46:W
    45 Tasic, Georgia        Our Lady of Sion            2     17:L 39:W 34:L 23:L 50:W 38:L 42:L
    46 Harman, Puri          Our Lady of Sion            2      9:L 10:L 38:L 33:L 53:W 49:W 44:L
    47 Dinh, Michelle        Our Lady of Sion            2     35:L 36:L 56:W 10:L 51:W 26:L 39:L
    48 Dimopolous, Aleena    Our Lady of Sion            2     30:L 51:W 35:L 49:W 36:L 27:L 31:L
    49 Korgaonkar, Anandi    Brentwood Secondary College 2     42:W  8:L 22:L 48:L 41:L 46:L 55:W
    50 Wright, India         MLC                         2     15:L 27:L 54:W 37:L 45:L 55:W 40:L
    51 Barr, Kaitlin         Genazzano FCJ College       2     18:L 48:L 24:L 55:W 47:L 21:L 56:W
    52 Liang, Emily          Mac Robertson Girls HS      1.5   26:L  2:L 55:W 16:L 20:L 54:D 53:L
    53 McKenzie, Meg         Penleigh & Essendon GS      1.5    4:L 25:L 42:L 41:L 46:L 56:D 52:W
    54 Kirby, Rachel         Penleigh & Essendon GS      1.5    7:L 23:L 50:L 56:W 42:L 52:D 41:L
    55 Lee, Grace            Penleigh & Essendon GS      1     19:L 11:L 52:L 51:L 56:W 50:L 49:L
    56 Chuah, Jane           Brentwood Secondary College .5     8:L 44:L 47:L 54:L 55:L 53:D 51:L

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    How is the Primary Open Finals going to be set out as in team vs team or individual

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk1602
    How is the Primary Open Finals going to be set out as in team vs team or individual
    Because of the number of players involved in the Primary Open event, there are two semi-finals, which are run as individual swisses. These are on October 29 & 30 at Club Tivoli. From these swiss events, the top teams qualify for the final, which is run as a teams event. This final is at Box Hill Chess Club on November 9.

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    Do u know what school are participating in the semi finals 1 and 2?

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    The first of the Primary Open Semi-Finals was played earlier today at Club Tivoli in Windsor. There were almost 200 players from 27 schools from various parts of Melbourne & Victoria competing. The top 10 teams (11 in this instance due to a tie for 10th) have qualified for the final to be played at Box Hill on Friday November 9.
    The individual winner of the tournament was Enoch Fan with a perfect 7/7. Results were as follows:

    Final School Standings:

    Place Name                     Score
     1-2  IVANHOE PS               29   
          GREYTHORN PS             29   
      3   SPENSLEY STREET PS       27.5 
      4   BALWYN NORTH PS          24.5 
     5-6  WINTER FLAT PRIMARY      23.5 
          GREAT RYRIE PS           23.5 
     7-8  LIVINGSTONE PRIMARY      22   
          BIALIK COLLEGE           22   
      9   PRESTON PS               21   
    10-11 HAILEYBURY NEWLANDS      19.5 
          MEC                      19.5 
    13-14 FOOTSCRAY PRIMARY        18.5 
          CASTLEMAINE PS           18.5 
     15   PRESHIL                  18   
     16   WEEDEN HEIGHTS PS        17.5 
    17-18 LLOYD STREET             17   
          CLIFTON HILLS PRIMARY    17   
     19   MT.WAVERLEY PS           16.5 
     20   WALES STREET PRIMARY     16   
     21   SANDRINGHAM PS           15.5 
     22   ALTONA MEADOWS PS        14.5 
    23-24 ELPHINSTONE PS           14   
          ANTONINE COLLEGE         14   
    25-26 BRIGHTON GRAMMAR         12   
          BANYULE PS               12   
     27   CASTLEMAINE UNITED       11.5
    Individual Crosstable:

    No  Name                      Club                     Total   1     2     3     4     5     6     7  
    1   Fan, Enoch                Greythorn PS             7     118:W 120:W 106:W  34:W   6:W   4:W  17:W
    2   Dale, Finley              Spensley Street PS       6.5     7:W 165:W  35:W  16:W  19:W  17:W   3:D
    3   Kristevski, Tristan       Greythorn PS             6.5   108:W 110:W  53:W  91:W  28:W  11:W   2:D
    4   Cannon, David             Ivanhoe PS               6      47:W  13:W  60:W 121:W  21:W   1:L  23:W
    5   Khairi, Mikael            Ivanhoe PS               6     161:W  56:W  23:W  24:W  17:L  25:W  33:W
    6   Lin, Leo                  Ivanhoe PS               6     199:W  15:W  90:W  54:W   1:L  30:W  29:W
    7   Pilcher, Christian        Sandringham PS           6       2:L 146:W  76:W  90:W 109:W  28:W  18:W
    8   Mikael, Razi              Ivanhoe PS               6     176:W 167:W  61:W  17:L 108:W  91:W  28:W
    9   Lee, Ewan                 Balwyn North PS          5.5    30:W  58:W  24:D  53:W  18:D  56:W  13:D
    10  Staples, Wilson           Spensley Street PS       5.5   135:W  12:W  18:L  60:W  54:W  21:W  22:D
    11  Simpson, Max              Spensley Street PS       5.5     0:  155:W  37:W  18:D  41:W   3:L  43:W
    12  Lee, Lutjen               Balwyn North PS          5.5   171:W  10:L  57:W  20:W  14:D  89:W  44:W
    13  Mousaiferiadis, Demetrius Clifton Hills Primary    5.5    62:W   4:L 154:W  66:W  46:W  31:W   9:D
    14  Suric, Petra              Greythorn PS             5.5   180:W  77:W  19:L  38:W  12:D  88:W  62:W
    15  Wu, Alan                  Great Ryrie PS           5.5   189:W   6:L  97:W  50:W  99:W  42:W  16:D
    16  Li, Rumin                 Livingstone Primary      5.5   168:W 116:W 114:W   2:L  58:W  27:W  15:D
    17  Flexmore, Joe             Winter Flat Primary      5      84:W  25:W  92:W   8:W   5:W   2:L   1:L
    18  Kristevski, Timothy       Greythorn PS             5      57:W  64:W  10:W  11:D   9:D  55:W   7:L
    19  Hau, Megan                Haileybury Newlands      5     113:W  67:W  14:W  26:W   2:L  23:L  65:W
    20  Tran, Ben                 Livingstone Primary      5      38:W  37:L  32:W  12:L  74:W  59:W  54:W
    21  Liberman, Isaiah          Bialik College           5     164:W  55:W  42:W  31:W   4:L  10:L  57:W
    22  Fan, Phoebe               Greythorn PS             5      75:W  72:W  41:D  44:W  88:W  29:L  10:D
    23  Rhodes, Jakob             Great Ryrie PS           5     138:W  59:W   5:L 124:W  61:W  19:W   4:L
    24  Tonkin, Angus             Preshil                  5     137:W 131:W   9:D   5:L  98:W  41:W  26:D
    25  Soo, Oliver               Spensley Street PS       5      43:W  17:L 170:W  74:W  59:W   5:L  52:W
    26  Ravindran, James          Balwyn North PS          5     136:W  89:W 111:W  19:L  68:W  43:D  24:D
    27  Waterson, Gabriel         Bialik College           5     155:W 100:W  88:L  78:W  34:W  16:L  73:W
    28  Harris, Fraser            Banyule PS               5     179:W 189:W 140:W 115:W   3:L   7:L   8:L
    29  Berry-Smith, Jaspar       Winter Flat Primary      5     143:W  60:L 102:W  71:W 115:W  22:W   6:L
    30  Xu, Fred                  Preston PS               5       9:L 186:W 130:W 150:W  35:W   6:L  89:W
    31  Dang, William             Footscray Primary        5     144:W 123:W 166:W  21:L  65:W  13:L  70:W
    32  Fromberg, Joshua          Lloyd Street             5      64:L  63:W  20:L 161:W 118:W  69:W  55:W
    33  Myers, Jezreal            Footscray Primary        5     109:L 190:W 101:W 114:W  36:W  52:W   5:L
    34  Lim, James                Balwyn North PS          5     117:W 162:W 119:W   1:L  27:L  67:W  53:W
    35  Makhoul, Michel           Antonine College         5     128:W 160:W   2:L 116:W  30:L 108:W  58:W
    36  Wong, Michael             Ivanhoe PS               5       0:  127:W  93:W 173:W  33:L  96:W  71:W
    37  Lewis, Cameron            Sandringham PS           5     184:W  20:W  11:L 110:L 116:W 125:W  56:W
    38  Iacuzzi, Miro             Spensley Street PS       5      20:L 184:W 162:W  14:L  53:W 112:W  63:W
    39  Ragg-Hansen, Rama         Winter Flat Primary      5      52:L 198:W  48:W 109:L 124:W 111:W  68:W
    40  Renshaw, Jaimee           Livingstone Primary      5     163:L  75:W 191:W  52:L  72:W 109:W  76:W
    41  Jackson, Alex             Great Ryrie PS           4.5   140:W  69:W  22:D  94:W  11:L  24:L  93:W
    42  Buntine, Sydney           Sandringham PS           4.5   190:W  96:W  21:L  92:D  49:W  15:L  98:W
    43  Fu, Chris                 Mt.Waverley PS           4.5    25:L 152:W 113:W  67:W 110:W  26:D  11:L
    44  Stefanatos, Christopher   Preston PS               4.5    81:W  88:D 150:W  22:L 149:W  94:W  12:L
    45  Birt, Duncan              Great Ryrie PS           4.5    97:L  51:L 155:W 169:W  93:D  66:W  94:W
    46  Killeen, Caspar           Castlemaine United       4.5     0:  194:W 121:L 166:W  13:L  47:D  92:W
    47  McCoy, Kaspar             Winter Flat Primary      4.5     4:L 151:W 126:W 108:L 160:W  46:D  88:W
    48  Darzins, Alexander        Greythorn PS             4.5   120:L 129:W  39:L  95:D 185:W 149:W  97:W
    49  Seneviratne, Benjamin     Weeden Heights PS        4.5   192:W 111:L  89:D 134:W  42:L 151:W 100:W
    50  McMahan, Dylan            MEC                      4.5    90:L 181:W  82:W  15:L 119:W 117:W   0: 
    51  Lohmann, Jacob            MEC                      4.5   101:L  45:W 108:L 128:W 162:W 110:W   0: 
    52  Deichsel, Lucas           Weeden Heights PS        4      39:W  71:W 115:L  40:W  69:W  33:L  25:L
    53  Sutherland, Thomas        Melbourne Grammar School 4      86:W 192:W   3:L   9:L  38:L 124:W  34:L
    54  Koutsantonis, Theodore    Preston PS               4      63:W  95:W 112:W   6:L  10:L  64:W  20:L
    55  Wang, Andrew              Banyule PS               4      74:W  21:L  85:W 107:W 121:W  18:L  32:L
    56  Simpson, Zac              Spensley Street PS       4     193:W   5:L  72:W  86:W 111:W   9:L  37:L
    57  Wilson, Finn              Spensley Street PS       4      18:L 135:W  12:L  85:W  60:W 121:W  21:L
    58  Vella, Regan              Winter Flat Primary      4     186:W   9:L 131:W  73:W  16:L  99:W  35:L
    59  Guliev-Datsin, Eric       Bialik College           4       0:W  23:L  64:W 112:W  25:L  20:L 113:W
    60  Lu, Andy                  Great Ryrie PS           4     154:W  29:W   4:L  10:L  57:L 160:W 119:W
    61  Davis, Sophie             Altona Meadows PS        4      79:W 125:W   8:L  70:W  23:L  65:L 123:W
    62  Chin, Thomas              Melbourne Grammar School 4      13:L  65:L  84:W 145:W 123:W 120:W  14:L
    63  Willis, Christopher       Greythorn PS             4      54:L  32:L  75:W 147:W 143:W 105:W  38:L
    64  Smith, Jake               Great Ryrie PS           4      32:W  18:L  59:L 163:W  86:W  54:L 135:W
    65  Phillips, Hannah          Preston PS               4      68:L  62:W 182:W 160:W  31:L  61:W  19:L
    66  McRostie, Darcy           Castlemaine United       4       0:  105:W  96:W  13:L 107:W  45:L 109:W
    67  Stroek, Felix             Winter Flat Primary      4     142:W  19:L 136:W  43:L 127:W  34:L 111:W
    68  Dai, Andy                 Mt.Waverley PS           4      65:W  92:L 175:W 123:W  26:L 115:W  39:L
    69  Rogers, Eli               Winter Flat Primary      4     124:W  41:L 163:W  83:W  52:L  32:L 138:W
    70  Rosa, Sam                 Great Ryrie PS           4     111:L  80:W 167:W  61:L 104:W  77:W  31:L
    71  Paratz, Leon              Bialik College           4     198:W  52:L 128:W  29:L 132:W  90:W  36:L
    72  Faddoul, Jamin            Antonine College         4     129:W  22:L  56:L 172:W  40:L 118:W 112:W
    73  Liu, Charlie              Greythorn PS             4     103:W 139:W  91:L  58:L 156:W 113:W  27:L
    74  Kariwan, Kris             Mt.Waverley PS           4      55:L 164:W 161:W  25:L  20:L 126:W 117:W
    75  Colosimo, Oscar           Great Ryrie PS           4      22:L  40:L  63:L 171:W 179:W 133:W 115:W
    76  Chapman, Bailey           Castlemaine PS           4      89:L 157:W   7:L 188:W 165:W 106:W  40:L
    77  Kalliakoudis, Nikolas     Melbourne Grammar School 4     152:W  14:L 110:L  79:W 122:W  70:L 108:W
    78  Maclellan, Zhang          Haileybury Newlands      4      87:W  90:L 177:W  27:L 117:L 114:W 132:W
    79  Welsch, Max               Spensley Street PS       4      61:L 173:L   0:W  77:L 131:W 137:W 142:W
    80  Dogaris, George           Footscray Primary        4      92:L  70:L 105:L 194:W 145:W 156:W 125:W
    81  Grambas, Ziggy            Preshil                  4      44:L 122:L 159:W 113:L 144:W 139:W 110:W
    82  Covenrty BrownRigg, Henry Castlemaine PS           4       0:  187:L  50:L 131:W 103:L 170:W 120:W
    83  Feldman, Dustin           Bialik College           4     112:L 153:W  95:L  69:L 161:W 140:W 129:W
    84  Koutsoubos, Ari           Wales Street Primary     4      17:L 126:L  62:L 196:W 134:W 164:W 141:W
    85  Hinrichsen, William       Winter Flat Primary      4     153:W 112:L  55:L  57:L 168:W 174:W 116:W
    86  Hau, Matthew              Haileybury Newlands      4      53:L 171:W 172:W  56:L  64:L 162:W 122:W
    87  Bui, Patrick              Altona Meadows PS        4      78:L 133:D 185:W 149:L 170:D 130:W 121:W
    88  Fraser, Boaz              Preshil                  3.5   175:W  44:D  27:W  98:W  22:L  14:L  47:L
    89  Collins, Luca             Spensley Street PS       3.5    76:W  26:L  49:D 103:W  95:W  12:L  30:L
    90  Carajias, Mary            Preston PS               3.5    50:W  78:W   6:L   7:L 166:W  71:L  99:D
    91  Chiovitti, Tyrone         Livingstone Primary      3.5   102:W  93:L  73:W   3:L 106:W   8:L  96:D
    92  Rhodes, Joel              Weeden Heights PS        3.5    80:W  68:W  17:L  42:D  94:L 103:W  46:L
    93  Marshall, Zedekiah        Castlemaine PS           3.5   181:W  91:W  36:L 156:W  45:D  98:L  41:L
    94  Wu, Brian                 Balwyn North PS          3.5   185:D 132:W 117:W  41:L  92:W  44:L  45:L
    95  Sitch, Louis              Melbourne Grammar School 3.5   147:W  54:L  83:W  48:D  89:L 100:L 151:W
    96  McKinnon, Callum          Castlemaine PS           3.5   151:W  42:L  66:L 176:W 114:W  36:L  91:D
    97  Loulakis, Harry           Wales Street Primary     3.5    45:W 114:L  15:L 151:D 150:W 152:W  48:L
    98  Liu, Andrew               Greythorn PS             3.5   134:W 150:D 149:W  88:L  24:L  93:W  42:L
    99  Mahesan, Sharen           Greythorn PS             3.5   114:L 141:W 139:W 122:W  15:L  58:L  90:D
    100 Lee, Jae-Chan             Haileybury Newlands      3.5   177:W  27:L 156:L 101:W 152:D  95:W  49:L
    101 Bartlett, Tom             Melbourne Grammar School 3.5    51:L 188:W  33:L 100:L 187:W 129:D 149:W
    102 Mollard, Will             Melbourne Grammar School 3.5    91:L 178:W  29:L 127:L 176:W 104:D 150:W
    103 Anastasiou, Chris         Wales Street Primary     3.5    73:L 169:W 165:D  89:L  82:W  92:L 158:W
    104 Chaffey, James            Castlemaine PS           3.5   166:L 159:W 123:L 130:W  70:L 102:D 152:W
    105 Lanfranchi, Jackson       MEC                      3.5   187:L  66:L  80:W 126:W 140:W  63:L   0: 
    106 Pattern, Lewis            MEC                      3.5   156:W 163:W   1:L 119:W  91:L  76:L   0: 
    107 Lyall, Jenson             MEC                      3.5   160:L 134:W 174:W  55:L  66:L 128:W   0: 
    108 Woodhouse, Kevin          Preston PS               3       3:L 137:W  51:W  47:W   8:L  35:L  77:L
    109 Chow, Marcus              Lloyd Street             3      33:W 115:L 120:W  39:W   7:L  40:L  66:L
    110 Tremlett-Davies, Henry    Winter Flat Primary      3     170:W   3:L  77:W  37:W  43:L  51:L  81:L
    111 Evangelides, Lia          Preston PS               3      70:W  49:W  26:L 125:W  56:L  39:L  67:L
    112 Shears, Bradley           Wales Street Primary     3      83:W  85:W  54:L  59:L 135:W  38:L  72:L
    113 Tang, Hadyn               Clifton Hills Primary    3      19:L 148:W  43:L  81:W 137:W  73:L  59:L
    114 Butcher, Lloyd            Winter Flat Primary      3      99:W  97:W  16:L  33:L  96:L  78:L 166:W
    115 O'Brien, Ethan            Melbourne Grammar School 3     146:W 109:W  52:W  28:L  29:L  68:L  75:L
    116 Williams, Thomas          Lloyd Street             3     173:W  16:L 187:W  35:L  37:L 136:W  85:L
    117 Abbot, Kip                Spensley Street PS       3      34:L 158:W  94:L 187:W  78:W  50:L  74:L
    118 Scrutton, Alexander       Banyule PS               3       1:L 138:W 124:L 146:W  32:L  72:L 178:W
    119 Caiafa, Daniel            Preston PS               3     133:W 130:W  34:L 106:L  50:L 166:W  60:L
    120 Que, Joyce                Weeden Heights PS        3      48:W   1:L 109:L 178:W 138:W  62:L  82:L
    121 Li, David                 Brighton Grammar         3     174:W 172:W  46:W   4:L  55:L  57:L  87:L
    122 West, Rachel              Elphinstone PS           3     131:L  81:W 173:W  99:L  77:L 127:W  86:L
    123 Rhodes, Samuel            Great Ryrie PS           3     191:W  31:L 104:W  68:L  62:L 167:W  61:L
    124 Espino-Murnane, Atzin     Clifton Hills Primary    3      69:L 179:W 118:W  23:L  39:L  53:L 162:W
    125 Roy, Anuraag              Haileybury Newlands      3     196:W  61:L 127:W 111:L 136:W  37:L  80:L
    126 Saunders, Cohen           Castlemaine United       3       0:   84:W  47:L 105:L 186:W  74:L 181:W
    127 Cojocariou, Alex          Livingstone Primary      3     145:W  36:L 125:L 102:W  67:L 122:L 175:W
    128 Byrne, Martineau          Castlemaine PS           3      35:L 195:W  71:L  51:L 169:W 107:L 165:W
    129 Ross, Cam                 Great Ryrie PS           3      72:L  48:L 190:W 167:D 154:W 101:D  83:L
    130 Lui, Steven               Brighton Grammar         3     141:W 119:L  30:L 104:L 182:W  87:L 168:W
    131 Kemp, Hamish              Preston PS               3     122:W  24:L  58:L  82:L  79:L 186:W 177:W
    132 Canny, Fletch             Elphinstone PS           3     149:D  94:L 133:W 165:D  71:L 157:W  78:L
    133 Margets, Alec             Clifton Hills Primary    3     119:L  87:D 132:L 148:D 178:W  75:L 160:W
    134 Armstrong, Jordan         Great Ryrie PS           3      98:L 107:L 186:W  49:L  84:L 169:W 153:W
    135 Gankin, Daniel            Bialik College           3      10:L  57:L 164:W 174:W 112:L 172:W  64:L
    136 Demaison, Raphael         Spensley Street PS       3      26:L 144:W  67:L 175:W 125:L 116:L 179:W
    137 Hua-Ratanavan, Caelen     Melbourne Grammar School 3      24:L 108:L 168:W 139:W 113:L  79:L 161:W
    138 Dowse, Luis               Preshil                  3      23:L 118:L 189:W 153:W 120:L 165:W  69:L
    139 Yu, Lachlan               Haileybury Newlands      3     169:W  73:L  99:L 137:L 173:W  81:L 170:W
    140 Vayenas, Samuel           Lloyd Street             3      41:L 193:W  28:L 191:W 105:L  83:L 163:W
    141 Brodie, Nash              Haileybury Newlands      3     130:L  99:L 169:L 155:W 188:W 143:W  84:L
    142 Gunter, Oliver            Elphinstone PS           3      67:L 156:L 144:W 152:L 175:W 177:W  79:L
    143 Lord, Josh                Great Ryrie PS           3      29:L 154:L 192:W 182:W  63:L 141:L 164:W
    144 Quach, Aaron              Haileybury Newlands      3      31:L 136:L 142:L 180:W  81:L 192:W 176:W
    145 Papakalodoukas, Max       Altona Meadows PS        3     127:L 176:W 160:L  62:L  80:L 182:W 167:W
    146 Clifford, Patrick         Lloyd Street             3     115:L   7:L 179:W 118:L 157:L 187:W 172:W
    147 Francis, Christian        Antonine College         3      95:L 161:L 184:W  63:L 164:L 189:W 174:W
    148 Ford, Riley               MEC                      3       0:L 113:L 195:D 133:D 189:W 153:D   0: 
    149 McKenna, Max              Clifton Hills Primary    2.5   132:D 185:W  98:L  87:W  44:L  48:L 101:L
    150 Aisenstros, Ben           Bialik College           2.5   158:W  98:D  44:L  30:L  97:L 154:W 102:L
    151 Canny, Tate               Elphinstone PS           2.5    96:L  47:L 183:W  97:D 158:W  49:L  95:L
    152 Volkov, Michael           Weeden Heights PS        2.5    77:L  43:L 180:W 142:W 100:D  97:L 104:L
    153 Tasominos, Gabriel        Footscray Primary        2.5    85:L  83:L 198:W 138:L 163:W 148:D 134:L
    154 Bram, Meier               Preshil                  2.5    60:L 143:W  13:L 158:D 129:L 150:L 185:W
    155 Kelly, Tess               Elphinstone PS           2.5    27:L  11:L  45:L 141:L 198:D 171:W 184:W
    156 Wilshaw, Dylan            MEC                      2.5   106:L 142:W 100:W  93:L  73:L  80:L   0: 
    157 Melton, B.J               MEC                      2.5   197:L  76:L 178:L 181:W 146:W 132:L   0: 
    158 Lin, Forest               Altona Meadows PS        2.5   150:L 117:L 196:W 154:D 151:L 185:W 103:L
    159 Ormandy, Scarlett         Preston PS               2.5   167:L 104:L  81:L 192:D 184:L 198:W 191:W
    160 Broughton, Tom            Castlemaine PS           2     107:W  35:L 145:W  65:L  47:L  60:L 133:L
    161 Williams, Miguel          Footscray Primary        2       5:L 147:W  74:L  32:L  83:L 193:W 137:L
    162 Wellington, Max           Mt.Waverley PS           2     194:W  34:L  38:L 193:W  51:L  86:L 124:L
    163 Denk-Rae, Fabian          Castlemaine PS           2      40:W 106:L  69:L  64:L 153:L 188:W 140:L
    164 Zhou, Aaron               Livingstone Primary      2      21:L  74:L 135:L 183:W 147:W  84:L 143:L
    165 Mineur, Mason             Lloyd Street             2     178:W   2:L 103:D 132:D  76:L 138:L 128:L
    166 Mellick-Cooper, Nioka     Elphinstone PS           2     104:W 182:W  31:L  46:L  90:L 119:L 114:L
    167 Clarke, Max               Melbourne Grammar School 2     159:W   8:L  70:L 129:D 177:D 123:L 145:L
    168 Zhuang, Derek             Mt.Waverley PS           2      16:L 170:L 137:L   0:W  85:L 194:W 130:L
    169 Lewis, Charlie            Preshil                  2     139:L 103:L 141:W  45:L 128:L 134:L 196:W
    170 Ilievski, Caitlin         Preston PS               2     110:L 168:W  25:L 177:D  87:D  82:L 139:L
    171 Yerondais, Andrew         Preston PS               2      12:L  86:L 193:L  75:L   0:W 155:L 192:W
    172 Vlahopoulos, Stavros      Wales Street Primary     2     183:W 121:L  86:L  72:L 191:W 135:L 146:L
    173 Koutsambosis, Carina      Preston PS               2     116:L  79:W 122:L  36:L 139:L 178:L 193:W
    174 Zhong, Mitchell           Preston PS               2     121:L 183:W 107:L 135:L 193:W  85:L 147:L
    175 Slaviero, James           Melbourne Grammar School 2      88:L 196:W  68:L 136:L 142:L 183:W 127:L
    176 Chen, Gordon              Brighton Grammar         2       8:L 145:L 194:W  96:L 102:L 195:W 144:L
    177 Zhang, Dylan              Brighton Grammar         2     100:L 180:W  78:L 170:D 167:D 142:L 131:L
    178 Chen, Oliver              Mt.Waverley PS           2     165:L 102:L 157:W 120:L 133:L 173:W 118:L
    179 Sullivan, Will            Ivanhoe PS               2      28:L 124:L 146:L 190:W  75:L 191:W 136:L
    180 Harrison, Toby            Preston PS               2      14:L 177:L 152:L 144:L 181:L   0:W 189:W
    181 Canham, Josh              Brighton Grammar         2      93:L  50:L 188:L 157:L 180:W 184:W 126:L
    182 Campbell, Solomon         Preshil                  2     195:W 166:L  65:L 143:L 130:L 145:L 194:W
    183 Judd, Moore               Haileybury Newlands      2     172:L 174:L 151:L 164:L 190:W 175:L 195:W
    184 Yu, Emma                  Haileybury Newlands      1.5    37:L  38:L 147:L 186:D 159:W 181:L 155:L
    185 Lee, Aaron                Livingstone Primary      1.5    94:D 149:L  87:L 195:W  48:L 158:L 154:L
    186 Jennings, Finley          Castlemaine PS           1.5    58:L  30:L 134:L 184:D 126:L 131:L 198:W
    187 Lang, Baylie              MEC                      1.5   105:L  82:W 116:L 117:L 101:L 146:L   0: 
    188 Macready, Dylan           MEC                      1.5     0:L 101:L 181:W  76:L 141:L 163:L   0: 
    189 Wright, Brayden           Elphinstone PS           1      15:L  28:L 138:L 198:W 148:L 147:L 180:L
    190 Cho, Damon                Livingstone Primary      1      42:L  33:L 129:L 179:L 183:L 196:L   0:W
    191 Elacion, Dan              Altona Meadows PS        1     123:L 199:+  40:L 140:L 172:L 179:L 159:L
    192 Farah, Lolyta             Antonine College         1      49:L  53:L 143:L 159:D 195:D 144:L 171:L
    193 Folkes, Joshua            Elphinstone PS           1      56:L 140:L 171:W 162:L 174:L 161:L 173:L
    194 Kelly, Tara               Elphinstone PS           1     162:L  46:L 176:L  80:L 196:W 168:L 182:L
    195 Marks, Jacob              Bialik College           1     182:L 128:L 148:D 185:L 192:D 176:L 183:L
    196 Faddoul, Ethan            Antonine College         1     125:L 175:L 158:L  84:L 194:L 190:W 169:L
    197 Munn, Travis              Castlemaine PS           1     157:W   0:    0:    0:    0:    0:    0: 
    198 Cojocariou, Daniel        Livingstone Primary      .5     71:L  39:L 153:L 189:L 155:D 159:L 186:L
    199 Showel, Sydney            Castlemaine PS           0       6:L 191:-   0:    0:    0:    0:    0:

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    I've also put a brief report, with a few photos, on my blog.

    There you will also find brief reports with a few photos for both the Secondary Open Final & the Primary & Secondary Girls Finals.

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    The second of the Primary Open Semi-Finals was played earlier today at Club Tivoli in Windsor. There were 179 players from 29 schools from various parts of Melbourne & Victoria competing. The top 9 teams have qualified for the final to be played at Box Hill on Friday November 9.
    The individual winner of the tournament was Kris Chan with a perfect 7/7. Results were as follows:

    Final School Standings:

    Place Name                     Score
      1   MOUNT VIEW PS            31.5 
      2   DEEPDENE PS              28.5 
     3-4  MMS                      23.5 
          WESLEY ELSTERNWICK       23.5 
      5   FLEMINGTON PRIMARY       22.5 
      6   LABURNUM  PRIMARY        21   
      7   KEW PRIMARY              20.5 
    8-10  KANGAROO GROUND PS       20   
          WESLEY ST.KILDA ROAD     20   
          ST.ANDREWS CC            20   
    11-13 XAVIER                   19.5 
          ESSENDON PRIMARY         19.5 
          ST.LEONARDS COLLEGE      19.5 
     14   GEELONG EAST PS          17.5 
     15   ST.PAUL'S                17   
          LOWER PLENTY PS          15.5 
    18-19 GLEN HUNTLY PRIMARY      15   
          CHRIST THE KING          15   
     20   HOLY FAMILY PS           12.5 
     21   SACRED HEART SCHOOL      11.5 
     22   ST.JUSTIN'S PARISH PS    11   
     23   GEELONG COLLEGE          10   
     24   ST.KILDA PRIMARY         9    
     26   ST.PHILLIPS PRIMARY      5    
    27-28 MILL PARK PRIMARY        4.5  
          BUNDOORA PRIMARY         4.5  
     29   ST.THOMAS PS             4
    Individual Crosstable:

    No  Name                   Club                     Total   1     2     3     4     5     6     7  
    1   Chan, Kris             Mount View PS            7      54:W  63:W  10:W   9:W   6:W   3:W  23:W
    2   Chan, Luis             Mount View PS            6.5   100:W  57:W  60:W  17:W  14:W  20:W   4:D
    3   Chew Lee, Alanna       Deepdene PS              6      64:W  44:W 104:W   8:W  15:W   1:L  11:W
    4   Lumpreiks, Ryan        Deepdene PS              6      69:W 106:W  11:D  58:W  37:W   5:W   2:D
    5   Gu-Yang, Mingus        Mount View PS            6      68:W  30:W  42:W  21:W  49:W   4:L  17:W
    6   Yu, Bobby              Plenty Parkland Primary  6     128:W  96:W   7:W  51:W   1:L  38:W  16:W
    7   Jones, Hamish          Mount View PS            6     159:W  28:W   6:L  90:W  21:W  19:W  18:W
    8   Mendes, Shevin         Mount View PS            6      48:W  50:W  61:W   3:L 103:W  25:W  37:W
    9   Lindstrom, Sebastian   Wesley Elsternwick       6      67:W 146:W 105:W   1:L  24:W  49:W  15:W
    10  Lumpreiks, Stuart      Deepdene PS              6     114:W  24:W   1:L 146:W 108:W  39:W  14:W
    11  Chen, Leon             Mount View PS            5.5    55:W  79:W   4:D  81:W  36:W  12:W   3:L
    12  Lay, Jarrod            Flemington Primary       5.5   139:W  81:D  43:W  41:W  38:W  11:L  49:W
    13  Jassal, Xavier         Deepdene PS              5.5    19:L 167:D 154:W  94:W  93:W  40:W  36:W
    14  Fay, Jamie             MMS                      5     145:W  32:W  26:W  18:W   2:L  22:W  10:L
    15  Fan, Alex              Mount View PS            5      59:W 149:W  22:W  19:W   3:L  57:W   9:L
    16  Jiang, Charlie         Mount View PS            5      18:L 158:W  68:W  42:W  30:W  28:W   6:L
    17  Lai, Dominic           Deepdene PS              5      62:W  40:W  58:W   2:L  52:W  48:W   5:L
    18  Sweet, Tristan         Wesley Elsternwick       5      16:W 107:W  29:W  14:L 101:W  45:W   7:L
    19  Surveyor, Max          MMS                      5      13:W  45:W 102:W  15:L  83:W   7:L  51:W
    20  Jenkins, Oliver        Laburnum  Primary        5     178:W  52:W  23:W  38:D  50:W   2:L  29:D
    21  Weeraratne, Ken        Deepdene PS              5      65:W  82:W 103:W   5:L   7:L  91:W  57:W
    22  Scalzo, Massimo        Xavier                   5     160:W  83:W  15:L  60:W  51:W  14:L  53:W
    23  Zhang, Tianli          Deepdene PS              5     109:W  27:W  20:L 144:W 104:W  53:W   1:L
    24  Yi Cheng, Chao         Mount View PS            5     130:W  10:L 148:W  63:W   9:L 123:W  56:W
    25  Di Conza, Luka         St.Paul's                5      56:L 169:W 110:W  26:W  55:W   8:L  59:W
    26  Phung, Zachary         Mount View PS            5      39:W 152:W  14:L  25:L 106:W 102:W  62:W
    27  Lin, Emily             St.Andrews CC            5     120:W  23:L 119:W  31:W  48:L 110:W  52:W
    28  Trippett, Jackson      Kangaroo Ground PS       5     168:W   7:L 124:W  82:W  70:W  16:L  63:W
    29  Grayson, Sam           Kew Primary              5     164:W 153:W  18:L  92:D  88:W  41:W  20:D
    30  Roisman, Daniel        St.Kilda Primary         5     121:W   5:L 107:W 102:W  16:L 112:W  50:W
    31  Sullivan, Joseph       St.Phillips Primary      5     138:W  73:W  51:L  27:L 109:W 104:W  54:W
    32  Obsioma, Jover         Glen Huntly Primary      5     140:W  14:L 106:W  50:L  69:W 116:W  67:W
    33  Errington, Andrew      Kangaroo Ground PS       5     162:W  88:W  36:L  35:L 147:W  64:W  75:W
    34  Topolovski, Adrian     St.Leonards College      5     101:L  65:W  82:L  73:W 151:W  71:W  55:W
    35  Qian, Gavin            Laburnum  Primary        5      58:L 173:W 137:W  33:W  53:L 103:W  48:W
    36  Mikosza, Rowan         MMS                      4.5   166:W  85:W  33:W  37:D  11:L  86:W  13:L
    37  Eddington, Max         Wesley Elsternwick       4.5   117:W 148:W  97:W  36:D   4:L  44:W   8:L
    38  Blanks, Oliver         MMS                      4.5    72:W 132:W 101:W  20:D  12:L   6:L  88:W
    39  Choemuku-Huang, Evan   Mill Park Primary        4.5    26:L 145:W  59:W  56:W  91:W  10:L  46:D
    40  Xie, Yagebu            Wesley St.Kilda Road     4.5   118:W  17:L  44:D 141:W  43:W  13:L  84:W
    41  Tie, Samuel            St.Andrews CC            4.5    43:D 166:W  93:W  12:L  84:W  29:L  86:W
    42  Tran, Daniel           Flemington Primary       4.5   113:W 112:W   5:L  16:L  82:W  65:W  45:D
    43  Jowett Smith, Greta    MMS                      4.5    41:D  87:W  12:L 100:W  40:L  93:W  92:W
    44  Ngo, Darren            Holy Family PS           4.5   134:W   3:L  40:D 139:W  81:W  37:L  94:W
    45  Hollis, Geordie        Essendon Primary         4.5   167:W  19:L 153:W 147:W  54:W  18:L  42:D
    46  Saksena, Anurag        Flemington Primary       4.5    87:D  74:D 171:W  83:L 105:W 101:W  39:D
    47  Pastrana, Lloyd        Bundoora Primary         4.5   115:W  61:L  85:L 155:W 134:D 135:W  81:W
    48  Young, Charlie         Flemington Primary       4       8:L  72:W  87:W  95:W  27:W  17:L  35:L
    49  Arfi, Jacob            St.Thomas PS             4     127:W 141:W  70:W  53:W   5:L   9:L  12:L
    50  Baker, Bennett         Deepdene PS              4     151:W   8:L  98:W  32:W  20:L  76:W  30:L
    51  Haglund, Jackson       Lower Plenty PS          4     110:W  56:W  31:W   6:L  22:L 117:W  19:L
    52  Sweet, Ethan           Wesley Elsternwick       4     163:W  20:L  73:W  71:W  17:L  72:W  27:L
    53  Hongmung, Jackie       Kew Primary              4     176:W  77:W  89:W  49:L  35:W  23:L  22:L
    54  Ostrowski, Zach        Xavier                   4       1:L 143:W  66:W  85:W  45:L  58:W  31:L
    55  Pegler, Lawson         Flemington Primary       4      11:L 111:W  78:W 105:W  25:L  61:W  34:L
    56  Reardon, Oliver        Wesley Elsternwick       4      25:W  51:L 116:W  39:L  66:W  83:W  24:L
    57  Muehleisen, Ben        St.Leonards College      4     172:W   2:L 126:W  62:W  61:W  15:L  21:L
    58  Dautel, Spencer        Wesley Elsternwick       4      35:W  98:W  17:L   4:L 136:W  54:L 109:W
    59  Richardson, Thomas     Xavier                   4      15:L 140:W  39:L 142:W  78:W  60:W  25:L
    60  Jowett Smith, Rose     MMS                      4      99:W 177:W   2:L  22:L  77:W  59:L 110:W
    61  Den Hartog, Adriaan    Kew Primary              4     136:W  47:W   8:L  64:W  57:L  55:L 127:W
    62  Warren, Lachlan        Wesley St.Kilda Road     4      17:L 118:W 151:W  57:L  95:W  87:W  26:L
    63  Miller, Cameron        Wesley Elsternwick       4      66:W   1:L 150:W  24:L 146:W 108:W  28:L
    64  Pender, Shaun          Christ The King          4       3:L 134:W 115:W  61:L  85:W  33:L 103:W
    65  Lieu, Nathan           St.Justin's Parish PS    4      21:L  34:L 158:W 177:W  89:W  42:L 108:W
    66  Andreana, Luca         Flemington Primary       4      63:L  76:W  54:L 125:W  56:L 149:W 123:W
    67  Wong, Kai              Kew Primary              4       9:L 128:W 123:L 157:W 124:W  97:W  32:L
    68  Shi, Harvey            Sacred Heart School      4       5:L 121:W  16:L 113:W 102:L 124:W 107:W
    69  Wu, Kevin              Essendon Primary         4       4:L 109:W  95:L 143:W  32:L 151:W 118:W
    70  Kramer, Ryan           Flemington Primary       4      90:W 122:W  49:L  89:W  28:L  75:L 114:W
    71  McGowan, Sophie        Kangaroo Ground PS       4      81:L  90:W 177:W  52:L  80:W  34:L 111:W
    72  Murray, Joe            Essendon Primary         4      38:L  48:L 166:W 115:W 119:W  52:L 121:W
    73  Huang, Kevin           Laburnum  Primary        4     175:W  31:L  52:L  34:L 169:W 119:W 117:W
    74  Ridgeway, Dyson        Geelong East PS          4      96:D  46:D  86:L 107:L 115:W 113:W 112:W
    75  Stewart, Lachlan       Deepdene PS              4     112:L 113:W 168:W 103:L 107:W  70:W  33:L
    76  Nguyen-Dang, Alexander Wesley St.Kilda Road     4     105:L  66:L 140:W 137:W 120:W  50:L 102:W
    77  Seo, Kevin             Wesley St.Kilda Road     4     161:W  53:L 142:W 101:L  60:L 105:W 104:W
    78  Borg, Joshua           St.Carlo Borromeo School 4     148:L 179:W  55:L 149:W  59:L 131:W 125:W
    79  Mott, Matthew          Geelong East PS          4     143:W  11:L 146:L 111:L 171:W 122:W 116:W
    80  Slocomb, Ethan         Laburnum  Primary        4      83:L 161:W 152:W 104:L  71:L 156:W 101:W
    81  Yang, Luke             St.Andrews CC            3.5    71:W  12:D 144:W  11:L  44:L 138:W  47:L
    82  Mendes, Rowan          St.Carlo Borromeo School 3.5     0:W  21:L  34:W  28:L  42:L 133:W  90:D
    83  Hollis, Ben            Essendon Primary         3.5    80:W  22:L 175:W  46:W  19:L  56:L  97:D
    84  Kanavoutsos, Stephen   St.Leonards College      3.5   119:W  89:L  94:D  99:W  41:L  98:W  40:L
    85  Bosmans, Angus         Deepdene PS              3.5    95:W  36:L  47:W  54:L  64:L 136:D 141:W
    86  Gooden, Rosie          St.Leonards College      3.5   147:L 129:W  74:W  88:D  92:W  36:L  41:L
    87  Graham, Issac          Kew Primary              3.5    46:D  43:L  48:L  96:W 167:W  62:L 139:W
    88  Podreko, Eden          Xavier                   3.5   137:W  33:L 135:W  86:D  29:L 134:W  38:L
    89  Warren, Connor         Wesley St.Kilda Road     3.5   124:W  84:W  53:L  70:L  65:L 130:W  91:D
    90  Wang, Liangdi          St.Andrews CC            3.5    70:L  71:L 132:W   7:L 112:L 157:W  82:D
    91  Margaritis, Evan       Glen Huntly Primary      3.5   150:W 105:L 120:W 122:W  39:L  21:L  89:D
    92  Ren, Hongyi            St.Andrews CC            3.5   135:W 102:L 155:W  29:D  86:L  99:W  43:L
    93  Rabinov, Luke          St.Leonards College      3.5   142:W 144:D  41:L 138:W  13:L  43:L 135:W
    94  Vidor, Sammy           MMS                      3.5   108:W 101:L  84:D  13:L 168:W 106:W  44:L
    95  Needham, Matthew       St.Leonards College      3.5    85:L 174:W  69:W  48:L  62:L 137:D 134:W
    96  Farnham, Kauri         Christ The King          3.5    74:D   6:L 100:L  87:L 143:W 146:W 136:W
    97  Murdoch, Michael       Geelong East PS          3.5   111:W 171:W  37:L 108:L 150:W  67:L  83:D
    98  Noble, Lachlan         St.Justin's Parish PS    3.5   173:W  58:L  50:L 135:D 144:W  84:L 138:W
    99  Tetley, Jack           St.Justin's Parish PS    3.5    60:L 165:W 138:D  84:L 141:W  92:L 140:W
    100 Olsen, Lance           Essendon Primary         3.5     2:L 172:D  96:W  43:L 135:L 173:W 137:W
    101 Jury, Emma             Lower Plenty PS          3      34:W  94:W  38:L  77:W  18:L  46:L  80:L
    102 Grave, Patrick         Xavier                   3     133:W  92:W  19:L  30:L  68:W  26:L  76:L
    103 Hawkins, Alyssa        Sacred Heart School      3     129:W 147:W  21:L  75:W   8:L  35:L  64:L
    104 Kennedy, Angus         St.Leonards College      3     154:W 126:W   3:L  80:W  23:L  31:L  77:L
    105 Briscoe, Connor        Deepdene PS              3      76:W  91:W   9:L  55:L  46:L  77:L 149:W
    106 Alexandre, Timofey     St.Leonards College      3     125:W   4:L  32:L 128:W  26:L  94:L 148:W
    107 Huang, Steven          Laburnum  Primary        3     158:W  18:L  30:L  74:W  75:L 147:W  68:L
    108 Zhu, Bill              St.Kilda Primary         3      94:L   0:W 149:W  97:W  10:L  63:L  65:L
    109 Meuleman, Youri        MMS                      3      23:L  69:L 114:W 172:W  31:L 120:W  58:L
    110 Simpson, Hugh          St.Leonards College      3      51:L 160:W  25:L 152:W 118:W  27:L  60:L
    111 Bisucci, Mark          Essendon Primary         3      97:L  55:L 127:W  79:W 117:L 145:W  71:L
    112 Irvine, Alexandra      Kangaroo Ground PS       3      75:W  42:L 147:L 153:W  90:W  30:L  74:L
    113 Kaminis, Demithri      Holy Family PS           3      42:L  75:L 129:W  68:L 158:W  74:L 151:W
    114 Wu, Nicholas           St.Andrews CC            3      10:L 125:L 109:L   0:W 128:W 148:W  70:L
    115 Chau, Nicholas         St.Paul's                3      47:L 136:W  64:L  72:L  74:L 153:W 147:W
    116 Bourhouts, Jules       Flemington Primary       3     149:L 117:W  56:L 148:W 131:W  32:L  79:L
    117 Reynolds, Jack         Kangaroo Ground PS       3      37:L 116:L 161:W 171:W 111:W  51:L  73:L
    118 Matthews, Taylor       Geelong East PS          3      40:L  62:L 176:W 126:W 110:L 154:W  69:L
    119 Tran, Anna             Flemington Primary       3      84:L 156:W  27:L 163:W  72:L  73:L 152:W
    120 Whelan, Lucas          Geelong East PS          3      27:L 130:W  91:L 156:W  76:L 109:L 163:W
    121 Gerbert, Alex          Wesley Elsternwick       3      30:L  68:L 164:W 136:L 129:W 162:W  72:L
    122 Wu, Andrew             Deepdene PS              3     157:W  70:L 125:W  91:L 123:L  79:L 155:W
    123 Mayes, Linus           Lower Plenty PS          3     146:L 139:L  67:W 170:W 122:W  24:L  66:L
    124 Lam, Jadyn             Deepdene PS              3      89:L 159:W  28:L 175:W  67:L  68:L 162:W
    125 Mew, Toby              Christ The King          3     106:L 114:W 122:L  66:L 170:W 150:W  78:L
    126 Woods, Liam            Glen Huntly Primary      3     156:W 104:L  57:L 118:L 132:W 127:L 165:W
    127 Moore, Louie           St.Paul's                3      49:L 150:L 111:L 164:W 172:W 126:W  61:L
    128 Mendis, Keona          St.Carlo Borromeo School 3       6:L  67:L 159:W 106:L 114:L 171:W 150:W
    129 Sinnott, Ethan         St.Paul's                3     103:L  86:L 113:L 174:W 121:L 160:W 156:W
    130 McLaughlan, Brad       Lower Plenty PS          3      24:L 120:L 178:W 150:L 159:W  89:L 146:W
    131 Robinson, Behlana      Geelong College          3     152:L 142:L 165:W 160:W 116:L  78:L 161:W
    132 Misquitta, Connor      St.Paul's                3     174:W  38:L  90:L 134:L 126:L 172:W 154:W
    133 Saggers, Jack          Kew Primary              3     102:L 135:L 173:L 166:W 155:W  82:L 157:W
    134 Bowes, Zac             Wesley Elsternwick       2.5    44:L  64:L 162:W 132:W  47:D  88:L  95:L
    135 East-Bryans, Isabella  Wesley Elsternwick       2.5    92:L 133:W  88:L  98:D 100:W  47:L  93:L
    136 Ratskos, Kristian      St.Carlo Borromeo School 2.5    61:L 115:L 174:W 121:W  58:L  85:D  96:L
    137 Cox, Nikolas           Lower Plenty PS          2.5    88:L 162:W  35:L  76:L 153:W  95:D 100:L
    138 Issa, Malik            St.Carlo Borromeo School 2.5    31:L 176:W  99:D  93:L 139:W  81:L  98:L
    139 Wee, Sean              Christ The King          2.5    12:L 123:W 141:D  44:L 138:L 144:W  87:L
    140 Caldecott, Tom         MMS                      2.5    32:L  59:L  76:L 154:D 166:W 167:W  99:L
    141 Malone, Sam            Geelong College          2.5   170:W  49:L 139:D  40:L  99:L 168:W  85:L
    142 Davis, Henry           Kew Primary              2.5    93:L 131:W  77:L  59:L 148:L 169:W 145:D
    143 Barty, Sam             St.Leonards College      2.5    79:L  54:L 157:D  69:L  96:L 174:W 168:W
    144 Goldsmith, Aylon       MMS                      2.5   169:W  93:D  81:L  23:L  98:L 139:L 167:W
    145 Riszk, Taran           Glen Huntly Primary      2.5    14:L  39:L 163:L 159:W 160:W 111:L 142:D
    146 Xu, Yi  Yang           St.Andrews CC            2     123:W   9:L  79:W  10:L  63:L  96:L 130:L
    147 Sadler, Jack           Christ The King          2      86:W 103:L 112:W  45:L  33:L 107:L 115:L
    148 Navarro, Michael       Christ The King          2      78:W  37:L  24:L 116:L 142:W 114:L 106:L
    149 Ng, Hewett             St.Andrews CC            2     116:W  15:L 108:L  78:L 152:W  66:L 105:L
    150 Xenidis, Matthew       Holy Family PS           2      91:L 127:W  63:L 130:W  97:L 125:L 128:L
    151 Moore, Declan          St.Paul's                2      50:L 170:W  62:L 173:W  34:L  69:L 113:L
    152 Forer, Jack            St.Paul's                2     131:W  26:L  80:L 110:L 149:L 164:W 119:L
    153 Roast, Harry           Deepdene PS              2     155:W  29:L  45:L 112:L 137:L 115:L 175:W
    154 Tsaparis, Mitchell     Lower Plenty PS          2     104:L 157:D  13:L 140:D 163:W 118:L 132:L
    155 Fernandez, Maxwell     St.Paul's                2     153:L 164:W  92:L  47:L 133:L 158:W 122:L
    156 Logan, Janelle         Lower Plenty PS          2     126:L 119:L 169:W 120:L 176:W  80:L 129:L
    157 Lynch, Benji           Geelong College          2     122:L 154:D 143:D  67:L 175:W  90:L 133:L
    158 Stephenson, Gus        Wesley St.Kilda Road     2     107:L  16:L  65:L 179:W 113:L 155:L 172:W
    159 Tan, Patrick           Holy Family PS           2       7:L 124:L 128:L 145:L 130:L 179:W 173:W
    160 Grayson, Owen          Kew Primary              2      22:L 110:L 179:W 131:L 145:L 129:L 176:W
    161 Griffin, Zeke          Sacred Heart School      2      77:L  80:L 117:L 169:L 178:W 176:W 131:L
    162 Ricci, Max             St.Paul's                2      33:L 137:L 134:L 178:W 173:W 121:L 124:L
    163 Johnston, Daniel       Kangaroo Ground PS       2      52:L 175:L 145:W 119:L 154:L 170:W 120:L
    164 Schreuder, James       Christ The King          2      29:L 155:L 121:L 127:L 179:W 152:L 171:W
    165 Kessler, Ben           Deepdene PS              2     177:L  99:L 131:L 176:L 174:W 175:W 126:L
    166 Anderson, William      Geelong College          1.5    36:L  41:L  72:L 133:L 140:L 178:W 169:D
    167 Snooks, Timothy        St.Andrews CC            1.5    45:L  13:D 172:D 168:D  87:L 140:L 144:L
    168 Kemke, Aidan           Kew Primary              1.5    28:L 178:W  75:L 167:D  94:L 141:L 143:L
    169 Sadler, Chey           Christ The King          1.5   144:L  25:L 156:L 161:W  73:L 142:L 166:D
    170 Wynd, Stephanie        Sacred Heart School      1.5   141:L 151:L   0:W 123:L 125:L 163:L 178:D
    171 Crestani, Lachlan      Holy Family PS           1     179:W  97:L  46:L 117:L  79:L 128:L 164:L
    172 Benger, Patrick        Sacred Heart School      1      57:L 100:D 167:D 109:L 127:L 132:L 158:L
    173 Brozek, Harry          Geelong College          1      98:L  35:L 133:W 151:L 162:L 100:L 159:L
    174 Angus, Dominic         Christ The King          1     132:L  95:L 136:L 129:L 165:L 143:L 179:W
    175 Stevens, Will          Kew Primary              1      73:L 163:W  83:L 124:L 157:L 165:L 153:L
    176 Stanford, Hunter       St.Kilda Primary         1      53:L 138:L 118:L 165:W 156:L 161:L 160:L
    177 Vortman, David         Glen Huntly Primary      1     165:W  60:L  71:L  65:L   0:L   0:    0: 
    178 Sutherland, Fraser     Christ The King          .5     20:L 168:L 130:L 162:L 161:L 166:L 170:D
    179 Portelli, Sofia        St.Kilda Primary         0     171:L  78:L 160:L 158:L 164:L 159:L 174:L

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    What time the State finals start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk1602
    What time the State finals start?
    9:30am Friday at Box Hill Chess Club

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    The Primary Open finals were held at Box Hill Chess Club today. Teams of 5 from 22 schools were competing for both the State Championship, as well as a place in the National Interschools final in Canberra. The results were as follows:

    School Standings:

    Place Name                        Score
      1   Greythorn Primary,          28   
      2   Mount View Primary,         27.5 
      3   Deepdene Primary,           25.5 
      4   Spensley Street Primary,    20.5 
      5   Ivanhoe Primary,            19.5 
      6   MMS,                        19   
     7-8  Balwyn North Primary,       18.5 
          Great Ryrie Primary,        18.5 
    9-11  Bialik College,             17   
          Livingstone Primary,        17   
          Laburnum Primary,           17   
     12   Flemington Primary,         16.5 
    13-15 Wesley College Elsternwic,  16   
          Haileybury College Newlan,  16   
          St.Andrews Christian Coll,  16   
    16-17 Winter Flat Primary,        15.5 
          Essendon Primary,           15.5 
    18-19 Preston Primary,            15   
          Kew Primary,                15   
     20   Wesley College St.Kilda R,  12.5 
     21   MEC,                        12   
     22   Kangaroo Ground Primary,    7

    No Name                        Total  1      2      3      4      5      6      7    
    1  Greythorn Primary,          28.0  10:5.0 12:5.0 13:5.0  7:3.0  2:3.0  3:3.0  4:4.0
    2  Mount View Primary,         27.5   9:5.0  3:3.0  4:3.0  5:4.5  1:2.0  7:5.0 16:5.0
    3  Deepdene Primary,           25.5  18:5.0  2:2.0  5:3.5  4:3.5  6:5.0  1:2.0  9:4.5
    4  Spensley Street Primary,    20.5  19:4.0  6:4.0  2:2.0  3:1.5  7:4.0  5:4.0  1:1.0
    5  Ivanhoe Primary,            19.5  11:5.0  7:2.5  3:1.5  2:.5  17:5.0  4:1.0 12:4.0
    6  MMS,                        19.0  20:5.0  4:1.0 12:3.0 13:4.0  3:0.0 16:2.0 15:4.0
    7  Balwyn North Primary,       18.5  22:5.0  5:2.5  8:4.0  1:2.0  4:1.0  2:0.0 13:4.0
    8  Great Ryrie Primary,        18.5  15:3.0 19:3.0  7:1.0 14:2.0 16:1.5 18:3.0 20:5.0
    9  Bialik College,             17.0   2:0.0 22:4.0 16:3.0 17:3.0 13:3.5 12:3.0  3:.5 
    10 Livingstone Primary,        17.0   1:0.0 17:1.5 22:4.0 16:2.0 18:2.0 20:3.0 21:4.5
    11 Laburnum Primary,           17.0   5:0.0 20:2.0 18:1.0 22:4.0 21:3.0 17:3.0 19:4.0
    12 Flemington Primary,         16.5  21:5.0  1:0.0  6:2.0 20:3.0 14:3.5  9:2.0  5:1.0
    13 Wesley College Elsternwic,  16.0  17:4.0 16:5.0  1:0.0  6:1.0  9:1.5 14:3.5  7:1.0
    14 Haileybury College Newlan,  16.0  16:1.0 15:4.0 17:2.0  8:3.0 12:1.5 13:1.5 18:3.0
    15 St.Andrews Christian Coll,  16.0   8:2.0 14:1.0 21:3.0 18:3.0 20:3.0 19:3.0  6:1.0
    16 Winter Flat Primary,        15.5  14:4.0 13:0.0  9:2.0 10:3.0  8:3.5  6:3.0  2:0.0
    17 Essendon Primary,           15.5  13:1.0 10:3.5 14:3.0  9:2.0  5:0.0 11:2.0 22:4.0
    18 Preston Primary,            15.0   3:0.0 21:2.0 11:4.0 15:2.0 10:3.0  8:2.0 14:2.0
    19 Kew Primary,                15.0   4:1.0  8:2.0 20:1.5 21:2.5 22:5.0 15:2.0 11:1.0
    20 Wesley College St.Kilda R,  12.5   6:0.0 11:3.0 19:3.5 12:2.0 15:2.0 10:2.0  8:0.0
    21 MEC,                        12.0  12:0.0 18:3.0 15:2.0 19:2.5 11:2.0 22:2.0 10:.5 
    22 Kangaroo Ground Primary,    7.0    7:0.0  9:1.0 10:1.0 11:1.0 19:0.0 21:3.0 17:1.0
    Individual Prizes:


    1st - Emily Lin 6/7 (Bd 1 St Andrews)
    2nd - Alanna Chew Lee 6/7 (Bd 3 Deepdene)
    3rd - Jaimee Renshaw 5/7 (Bd 2 Livingstone)

    Board Prizes:

    Board 1 - Enoch Fan 7/7 (Greythorn)
    Board 2 - Tristan Krstevski 6/7 (Greythorn)
    Board 3 - Max Surveyor 6/7 (MMS)
    Board 4 - Hamish Jones 7/7 (Mount View)
    Board 5 - Justing Zhao 6/7 (Greythorn)

    Congratulations to the Greythorn team! Hopefully they can have a similar result in the national event in Canberra in a few weeks time.
    Also well done to the individual prize winners!

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