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    International Tournament Invitations

    This is a new thread where I'll post details of tournament invitations that are emailed or otherwise provided to me in my roles as FIDE Delegate and ACF Vice-President. I will not go out of my way to repost attachments to such messages, but interested players can email me ( if they would like the full email sent to them.

    Note that where organisers allow representatives of a federation to qualify for goodies such as accommodation, and the number of such goodies is limited, then the ACF may need to conduct a selection process. Subscribe to the ACF Newsletter for details of upcoming selection deadlines. A player interested in asking to be appointed to such an event can also contact me and I'll pass it on to either the ACF Council or Selections Director as appropriate.

    This is a locked thread. Posters wanting to discuss anything on it or anything related to international tournament invitations should do so on the unlocked Tournament Invitations Discussion Thread

    Organisers wishing to have their tournaments mentioned in this thread should send me full tournament details a minimum of two months before the tournament begins in an email text that can be easily copied to a thread and contains a web link to a downloadable brochure. If I receive details so late that I don't think anyone would be interested, I will not post them.

    Kevin Bonham
    ACF Vice President and FIDE Delegate
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    To make this thread more useful I will be deleting events after they have finished so that the thread only displays upcoming events.
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    Monthly FIDE-rated tournaments in Hampstead, UK

    Dear Friends

    Please note that we have a series of FIDE rated weekend tournaments in
    Hampstead NW London that your readers might be interested in entering
    when they visit London! The website is and it is now MONTHLY.

    I am also the arbiter at the newly revived Jersey Chess Festival - from 6-10 March -
    do come and play!

    Please visit and join our mailing list!

    Best wishes

    Adam Raoof

    President: Middlesex County Chess Association
    FIDE International Organiser & Arbiter
    328 Watford Way
    Hendon, London NW4 4UY

    Mobile: 07855 036 537

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    Tunisian Chess Festival


    It is with great pleasure that our tour operator GO MAKKAH, invite you to the biggest chess festival in the northern Africa, taking place in Djerba from the 15th Feb to the 24th Feb 2020
    with the presence of Judit Polgar.

    Please find in attach your official invitation with leaflet of the event.

    Best Regards,

    (info can be forwarded on request)

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    ASIAN AMATEUR CHESS CHAMPONSHIPS 2020 Open & Woman 07- 15 April 2020 Muscat, Oman
    Invitation: Oman Chess Committee (OCC), on behalf of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF), invites chess players from all Asian countries which are members of FIDE to participate in the Asian Amateur Chess Championships scheduled 7th to 15th April 2020, Muscat, Oman.

    (can forward PDF on request)

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    “10th Ferdowsi Cup” International Chess Festival
    General Information
    The “10th Ferdowsi Cup” International Chess Festival will be held in “Mashhad,
    Iran” from March 8-13, 2020
    Khorasan Razavi Chess Association under the auspices of Iranian Chess
    Federation (IRCF).
    Type of Chess Festival
    The festival consists of three open tournaments:
    Tournament A For players with a FIDE rating 2100 or higher
    Tournament B For players with a FIDE rating lower than 2100
    Registration and Entry Fees
    *-The online registration must be completed for all players by visiting:
    Entry fee is €30 for all players. (entry is free for players holding the GM, IM, WGM
    or WIM titles and players with +2400 FIDE rating)
    *-This online form submission is available only up to 11:59 PM, 6 March, 2020

    (can forward much more information on request)

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