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    Quote Originally Posted by road runner
    Thanks for the game.

    For some reason I didn't look at Qh6 in that position much, though I did consider it in other lines.

    I thought I had a stronger position earlier, around move 13 or so, with the bishop pair and pressure against c3, but I think I must have played it wrong as you seemed to improve after that. I guess I was a bit too ambitious trying to advance on both wings and act in the centre too. Maybe I should have left the h-pawn on h6.
    Yes - your bishop pair were very good. Well played.
    After overlooking 23. ... Ba6 , i knew i could have saved my rook with 24. b4, but knew my position would have been awful, and your bishops would have cleaned up eventually.
    I never saw the best line ( [Toga II 1.3.1] 12:-0.97 24.b4 axb4 25.cxb4 Bxb4 26.Rc1 Bc5 27.Rfe1) which would have kept me in the game

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    Yes that's true it does save the exchange, though I would be quite happy as black here.
    meep meep

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