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    Game 6 stevenaaus - Beaker [1-0]

    Game 6 stevenaaus - Beaker
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    Great game. Thanks Beaker.

    [Event "Chesschat Tourney 10"]
    [Date "2012.09.03"]
    [White "stevenaaus"]
    [Black "Beaker"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [TimeControl "90/20"]

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    2 major blunders were 29...b5 when the simple 29...Bg5 was very good

    blunder number 2................. 35...Qxc4+ instead of the completely useful 35...Ra2+

    see i told you id screw it up steve !!!

    im a man of my word !!!!
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    I thought i was ahead in the beginning, but i often castle into danger, and spent ages extricating myself. End clocks were something like 10 minutes for stevenaaus and 23 minutes for Beaker. Won by the person who had the day off work i think

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