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    Chess Chat Corro Tournament #10

    Welcome to CC tournament #10.

    There are currently five entrants:

    road runner

    Time control: Three days (72 hours exactly) per move. Each player is allowed three time-outs per game. A timeout adds four days to the time available for that move. A player can declare they're taking a timeout for a move on the game thread, or failing that, if a player does not move in time a timeout will be taken automatically. If a player does not move in time and they have run out of timeouts then the game is lost.

    A player gets an extra timeout after playing move 40, and another every 20 moves from that point on.

    Entries still open: Up to two extra entries will be accepted during the next two weeks. Anyone interested in entering should post their entry to this thread.

    Withdrawals: Players who lose on time in more than half their games will be removed from the event and points scored against them by other players will not count. Any player who does this will not be included in any tournament I run again.

    No 'puters: This is not a freestyle tournament. Use of analysis engines and computer/online tablebases is not permitted.

    Playing on other sites: Two players may agree to play their game(s) on another server. In this case players are responsible for reporting the results to the Cross Table thread when the game is finished, and for resolving any disputes that might arise between themselves.
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