Two years since my adventure in writing has emerged with the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit, Modus Operandi. The main defenses against this aggressive opening were shelled, with the motto "get to the point": analysis of 287 games and assimilation of the mechanisms behind this opening. An English translation also followed.

Today marks an important moment in my work, and learning this incredible opening. Looked at more closely, one book dedicated to the Hübsch Gambit existed. 40 pages co-written by Rasmus Pape, Niels Jorgen Jensen and Dietrich Burk is out of stock for many years. Although many books dedicated to the BDG approach, none offers a comprehensive line ... and this defense is yet known for refuting the BDG.

Thus I looked for a whole year on it to bring you today's study. You'll find 122 games shelled in a more accomplished than my previous works. You will be guided through the different variants, accompanied by an introduction and a conclusion of each chapter.

You like the Method of Operating of the BDG, do not be hesitant with it, treat yourself! You hesitate for even more educational format you need, there is no doubt that the plans and ideas that are put forward will convince you. You use it ... but as black, be sure you are not forgotten, the gambit of this study was conducted objectively. You are fans of gambits, this book in French will please you. You doubt the validity of the BDG or Hübsch Gambit, tell yourself that you can allow 11 transpositions to face these openings (Caro-Kann, French, Veresov, Trompowsky, Scandinavian, English ...), also have available this book could help!

This book of 124 pages dedicated to the Hübsch Gambit will bring the expected answers on the supposed refutation established in the BDG. But beware, 2012 will be the only year you find my 3 books because my adventure as a self-editor will take end! You can see an extract via my bookstore !

Hope to read you
Eric le Diemerophile