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    Aus Open Rapid:
    Kengis won the play-off.
    1.  Johansen, Darryl K      VIC   2638 6     22:W 13:W  8:W  4:D  2:D  6:W  3:W
    2.  Kengis, Edvins          OS    2543 6     23:W 15:W  7:W  3:W  1:D  4:D 20:W
    3.  Xie, George             NSW   2410 5     24:W 14:W 12:W  2:L 19:W  8:W  1:L
    4.  Hecht, Hans Joachim     OS    2389 5.5   25:W 17:W  9:W  1:D 20:W  2:D  5:D
    5.  Hu, Jason               NSW   2105 5     26:W 20:L 24:W 16:D 12:W  9:W  4:D
    6.  Jordan, Bill            VIC   2080 5     27:D 39:W 16:D 17:W 10:W  1:L 23:W
    7.  Gerdell, Frank          OS    2070 5     28:W 32:W  2:L 20:L 25:W 19:W 29:W
    8.  Chan, Jason             NSW   2055 4.5   29:W 19:W  1:L 21:W 15:W  3:L 31:D
    9.  Saint, Andrew           SA    2034 3     30:W 40:W  4:L 19:L 28:W  5:L 17:L
    10. Voon, Richard           VIC   2002 3     31:D 27:W 20:D 22:W  6:L 23:L 19:L
    11. Dragicevic, Domagoj     VIC   1990 3     32:L 34:D 29:W 31:D 35:L 25:L 28:W
    12. Pyke, Malcolm L         VIC   1967 4     33:W 21:W  3:L 23:W  5:L 29:L 22:W
    13. Dizdarevic, Mehmedalija VIC   1958 4     34:W  1:L 25:L 30:L 33:W 28:W 21:W
    14. Silas, Frank            WA    1927 3     35:W  3:L 37:L 32:L 41:W 39:L 36:W
    15. Wongwichit, Phachara    QLD   1922 4     36:W  2:L 26:W 37:W  8:L 31:L 30:W
    16. Tulevski, Vasil G       NSW   1885 4     37:D 31:W  6:D  5:D 27:L 30:D 25:W
    17. Ali, Mosaddeque         ACT   1881 4     38:W  4:L 28:W  6:L 29:L 32:W  9:W
    18. Lea, Tom                VIC   1878 3.5   39:L 37:D 31:L 36:D 38:W 43:D 33:W
    19. Obst, James             SA    1828 4     41:W  8:L 30:W  9:W  3:L  7:L 10:W
    20. Ly, Moulthun            QLD   1811 4.5   42:W  5:W 10:D  7:W  4:L 27:W  2:L
    21. Chadwick, Charles       TAS   1792 3     43:W 12:L 32:W  8:L 30:D 35:D 13:L
    22. Illingworth, Max        NSW   1761 2      1:L 33:W 39:W 10:L 31:L 37:L 12:L
    23. Lugo, Ruperto           VIC   1743 4      2:L 36:W 40:W 12:L 37:W 10:W  6:L
    24. Forace, Lee             ACT   1737 3      3:L 35:W  5:L 38:W 32:W   :    : 
    25. Mendes da Costa, Alex   NSW   1670 3      4:L 38:W 13:W 27:L  7:L 11:W 16:L
    26. Saint, Alexander        SA    1649 2      5:L 41:W 15:L 35:L 39:L 34:D 44:D
    27. Wallis, Christopher     VIC   1646 4.5    6:D 10:L 34:W 25:W 16:W 20:L 35:W
    28. Beckman, John           VIC   1573 2      7:L 42:W 17:L 39:W  9:L 13:L 11:L
    29. Guo-Yuthok, Sherab      ACT   1567 4      8:L 43:W 11:L 40:W 17:W 12:W  7:L
    30. Vijayakumar, Rukman     VIC   1522 3      9:L 44:W 19:L 13:W 21:D 16:D 15:L
    31. Lin, Zhigen Wilson      VIC   1482 4.5   10:D 16:L 18:W 11:D 22:W 15:W  8:D
    32. Van Dijk, Devrim        VIC   1450 2.5   11:W  7:L 21:L 14:W 24:L 17:L 37:D
    33. Arkins, Damien          NSW   1435 2.5   12:L 22:L 41:D 42:W 13:L 36:W 18:L
    34. Nour, James             VIC   1336 2     13:L 11:D 27:L 41:L 44:W 26:D 38:L
    35. Kara, Barbaros          VIC   1333 3.5   14:L 24:L 43:W 26:W 11:W 21:D 27:L
    36. Stanisheff, Alex        VIC   1312 2     15:L 23:L 42:D 18:D 40:W 33:L 14:L
    37. Yu, Derek               VIC   1290 3.5   16:D 18:D 14:W 15:L 23:L 22:W 32:D
    38. Vijayakumar, Rengan     VIC   1192 3     17:L 25:L 44:W 24:L 18:L 40:W 34:W
    39. Schon, Eugene           VIC   1177 3     18:W  6:L 22:L 28:L 26:W 14:W 43:L
    40. Gray, Garvin            QLD   1124 2     44:W  9:L 23:L 29:L 36:L 38:L 42:W
    41. Baxter, Craig           VIC   1045 1.5   19:L 26:L 33:D 34:W 14:L   :    : 
    42. Yu, Sally               VIC   1044 .5    20:L 28:L 36:D 33:L 43:L 44:L 40:L
    43. McCulloch, Rob          VIC   1002 3.5   21:L 29:L 35:L 44:W 42:W 18:D 39:W
    44. Kenmure, Jamie          VIC   909  1.5   40:L 30:L 38:L 43:L 34:L 42:W 26:D

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    Aus Open Lightning:
    1.  Bjelobrk, Igor          VIC   2392 9     25:W 14:W 13:W 11:W 16:W  2:D  3:W 19:D  8:W  6:W  4:L
    2.  Xie, George             NSW   2351 8.5     :D 21:W 10:W 12:W  5:W  1:D 16:W 11:W 14:W 19:D  3:L
    3.  Jordan, Bill            VIC   2348 8     26:W 16:L 28:W 22:W 12:W  6:W  1:L 14:L 11:W  8:W  2:W
    4.  Rej, Tomek              NSW   2225 7.5   27:W 15:L 29:W 19:D 21:L 34:W 10:L 38:W 18:W 28:W  1:W
    5.  Dragicevic, Domagoj     VIC   2122 6     28:W 18:L 30:W 24:W  2:L 15:W 12:W 16:L 13:L 21:L 23:W
    6.  Jones, Brian A          NSW   2096 6.5   29:W 17:W 15:W 16:L 11:W  3:L 19:L 48:W 12:W  1:L 13:D
    7.  Viner, Phillip J        NSW   2049 4     30:L 22:L 40:L 45:W 38:L 47:L 36:L 35:W 41:W 20:L 44:W
    8.  Song, Raymond           NSW   1995 7     31:W 19:W 16:L 27:W 14:L 21:W 26:W 10:W  1:L  3:L 12:W
    9.  Bonham, Kevin           TAS   1980 6.5   32:W 24:L 31:W 18:W 26:L 22:W 14:L 27:W 25:L 40:W 21:D
    10. Dizdarevic, Mehmedalija VIC   1971 7.5   33:W 23:D  2:L 46:W 19:L 29:W  4:W  8:L 31:W 17:W 16:W
    11. Chan, Jason             NSW   1957 7     34:W 30:W 18:W  1:L  6:L 24:W 13:W  2:L  3:L 27:W 25:W
    12. Wongwichit, Phachara    QLD   1945 6     35:W 43:W 24:W  2:L  3:L 27:W  5:L 26:W  6:L 22:W  8:L
    13. Wallis, Christopher     VIC   1944 6.5   36:W 44:W  1:L 26:L 34:W 18:W 11:L 40:W  5:W 16:L  6:D
    14. Obst, James             SA    1942 8     37:W  1:L 32:W 35:W  8:W 16:L  9:W  3:W  2:L 25:W 19:W
    15. Voon, Richard           VIC   1908 5     38:W  4:W  6:L 34:D 22:D  5:L 27:L 23:L 20:W 36:L 37:W
    16. Ly, Moulthun            QLD   1881 7     39:W  3:W  8:W  6:W  1:L 14:W  2:L  5:W 19:L 13:W 10:L
    17. Mendes da Costa, Alex   NSW   1877 5.5   40:W  6:L 34:L 32:L 39:W 31:W 28:W 21:D 23:W 10:L 18:L
    18. Hu, Jason               NSW   1873 6.5   41:W  5:W 11:L  9:L 35:W 13:L 29:W 25:D  4:L 31:W 17:W
    19. Lugo, Ruperto           VIC   1845 7.5   42:W  8:L 36:W  4:D 10:W 26:W  6:W  1:D 16:W  2:D 14:L
    20. Illingworth, Max        NSW   1839 5     43:L 46:W 35:L 36:W 29:L 38:L 33:W 28:L 15:L  7:W 47:W
    21. Press, Shaun P          ACT   1837 6.5     :D  2:L 33:W 23:W  4:W  8:L 25:L 17:D 30:W  5:W  9:D
    22. Frost, Peter            VIC   1831 4.5   46:D  7:W 23:W  3:L 15:D  9:L 48:L 29:D 47:W 12:L 42:L
    23. Saint, Andrew           SA    1828 5.5   47:W 10:D 22:L 21:L 40:W 25:L 37:W 15:W 17:L 29:W  5:L
    24. Lin, Zhigen Wilson      VIC   1819 5.5   48:W  9:W 12:L  5:L 28:W 11:L 40:L 46:L 33:W 42:W 36:D
    25. Song, Angela            NSW   1771 6      1:L 36:L 41:W 38:W 31:D 23:W 21:W 18:D  9:W 14:L 11:L
    26. Vijayakumar, Rukman     VIC   1768 5      3:L 37:W 43:W 13:W  9:W 19:L  8:L 12:L 40:L 46:W 28:L
    27. Lea, Tom                VIC   1765 6      4:L 38:W 44:W  8:L 32:W 12:L 15:W  9:L 48:W 11:L 40:W
    28. Murray, Russell         VIC   1755 6      5:L 39:W  3:L 37:W 24:L 35:W 17:L 20:W 46:W  4:L 26:W
    29. Kara, Barbaros          VIC   1748 4.5    6:L 40:W  4:L 44:W 20:W 10:L 18:L 22:D 38:W 23:L 48:L
    30. Ali, Mosaddeque         ACT   1734 4.5    7:W 11:L  5:L 40:L 43:W 44:D 38:D 32:W 21:L 48:L 46:D
    31. Van Dijk, Devrim        VIC   1680 5.5    8:L 41:W  9:L 43:W 25:D 17:L 44:W 47:W 10:L 18:L 39:W
    32. Howard, George          SA    1677 2.5    9:L 45:W 14:L 17:W 27:L 48:L 41:D 30:L 39:L 43:L 33:L
    33. Ghobrial, Adel          VIC   1659 4.5   10:L 42:D 21:L 47:W 46:D 40:L 20:L 39:D 24:L 45:W 32:W
    34. Oliver, Shannon         ACT   1644 4.5   11:L 48:W 17:W 15:D 13:L  4:L 47:L 41:W 42:L 37:L 45:W
    35. Buciu, Aurel-John       QLD   1633 4     12:L 47:W 20:W 14:L 18:L 28:L 46:L  7:L 45:W 39:L 41:W
    36. Guo-Yuthok, Sherab      ACT   1578 5.5   13:L 25:W 19:L 20:L 44:L 41:L  7:W 45:W 43:W 15:W 24:D
    37. Beckman, John           VIC   1576 4.5   14:L 26:L 45:W 28:L 47:D 46:W 23:L 42:L 44:W 34:W 15:L
    38. Hoole, Jeyaranjan       ACT   1524 4     15:L 27:L 48:W 25:L  7:W 20:W 30:D  4:L 29:L 47:D 43:L
    39. Greenwood, Norman       NSW   1518 4.5   16:L 28:L 47:L 42:W 17:L 43:L 45:W 33:D 32:W 35:W 31:L
    40. Kaspar, Ric             QLD   1450 5     17:L 29:L  7:W 30:W 23:L 33:W 24:W 13:L 26:W  9:L 27:L
    41. Arkins, Damien          NSW   1435 3.5   18:L 31:L 25:L 48:L 45:W 36:W 32:D 34:L  7:L 44:W 35:L
    42. Yu, Derek               VIC   1388 5.5   19:L 33:D 46:L 39:L 48:L 45:W 43:W 37:W 34:W 24:L 22:W
    43. Saint, Alexander        SA    1368 5     20:W 12:L 26:L 31:L 30:L 39:W 42:L 44:W 36:L 32:W 38:W
    44. Nour, James             VIC   1336 2.5   45:W 13:L 27:L 29:L 36:W 30:D 31:L 43:L 37:L 41:L  7:L
    45. Sweeney, Matthew        NSW   1324 0     44:L 32:L 37:L  7:L 41:L 42:L 39:L 36:L 35:L 33:L 34:L
    46. Schon, Eugene           VIC   1279 4.5   22:D 20:L 42:W 10:L 33:D 37:L 35:W 24:W 28:L 26:L 30:D
    47. Vijayakumar, Rengan     VIC   1239 4     23:L 35:L 39:W 33:L 37:D  7:W 34:W 31:L 22:L 38:D 20:L
    48. Yu, Sally               VIC   857  6     24:L 34:L 38:L 41:W 42:W 32:W 22:W  6:L 27:L 30:W 29:W

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    Thanks Bill

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    Does anyone know when we can expect the Cd's of games and photographs and our full set of printed bulletins (in colour! ) to arrive?

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    Hi Mccavity,

    Private Message me your name and i'll confirm you are being sent one. George is doing the sending out by the way but i will do this for you.


    Australian Internet Chess Championships-Adults and Juniors

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