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Thread: French Defence

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    French Defence

    i think this is my favourite defence when using black:

    1. e4 e6
    2. d4 d5

    now, dependin on white's move, either trade on d5 or keepin the tension, black has good king's bishop scope and has the potential of c5, which challenges the center....... however the weakness, i think in french is that it is not really good to castle earlie on.... cuz the pieces are majorly cramped on the queen side, so if white initiates a king side attack, all the pieces can just flood in and overwhelms the black king... because white's queen's night is free to into black's king side, queen is, king's knight is etc etc........

    however, soln is that keep the potential of castlin but don't castle unless it is absolutely necessary, or you are entirely sure that ur king is safer in a castled position than at center...
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    I also play french defence,

    I will post some excellent games that I have seen when I get a chance.

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