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    How many people actually play all these variants MatsW posts about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin Bonham
    How many people actually play all these variants MatsW posts about?
    It's not possible to know how many have tried them out, probably not many. They are also published on the Zillions website. I know however that my Mastodon Chess has been played online at PlayChessvariants.

    I have also made many implementations of historical boardgames, which is of academical interest. Many of my findings have been copied by Wikipedia. So these have been tested and tried. One recent example is Subjugatio Rebellium, an ancient Chinese board game described in a 17th century book, written in Latin. I and another fellow have finally solved this mystery, how it was actually played.

    Of course, many of my implementations of chess variants are also historical, several of which are still played, such as Mongolian Hiashatar and Burmese Chess.

    The truth is that chess, and board games generally, has always been a very multifarious business. For instance, in Byzantium they played Byzantine Round Chess. Likewise, there exist several historical variants of Shogi.

    Most people have no insight in the history of chess and board games generally, and seem to think that chess has dropped down from heaven. In fact, it came about by an evolution of the rules. Truth is, today's chess has evolved, and is partly the product of guys like me, who propose new rules. See, for instance, the Birth of the Chess Queen: A History.

    Some people simply lack the urge to enlarge their horizons. I don't know why. What's wrong with knowledge and to try out new thoughts? Isn't this the essence of a discussion forum?

    M. Winther

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