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    FIDE Arbiters Seminar Sydney Australia

    A FIDE Arbiters Seminar will be held in Sydney from Thursday 31 May to Sunday 3 June 2012.

    Venue is Parramatta RSL Club. See attached schedule.

    Lecturers are IA Casto Abundo (PHI) and IA Gary Bekker (AUS)

    All chess clubs are encouraged to send interested players who wish to learn more about FIDE laws, regulations and ratings.

    Exam optional.
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    Quote Originally Posted by from FIDE's official announcement
    The following succeeded in the test and they will be awarded a norm or the FIDE Arbiter title, after the approval of the next FIDE Congress:
    Chibnall, Alana (AUS)
    Webster, David (AUS)
    Watson, Robert (AUS)
    Cassettari, Peter (AUS)
    Wan, Dennis (AUS)

    Congratulations to all of the above. Their willingness to become recognised officials shows their love and dedication to the game of Chess!
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    ^ ditto

    Congratulations !

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    Awesome to see a new class of arbiters ready to cater for increased tournaments in the future and maybe of their own!

    Congrats to Alana, who received the top score of 98.5%!

    You can hear her thoughts about becoming an arbiter and future plans here-

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