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    Graeme Anthony Imperial Dragon Chess Set Edition 3 Number 35 and Board FOR SALE

    hi all, I have a Graeme Anthony Imperial Dragon Chess Set, complete with hand made copper and wood board. Also the wooden box it came in, however no actual paperwork as such. I purchased the set and board in 1986/87 in Qld from a Games/Hobby Gift store. The board shows signs of 'wear and tear' (pretty good condition though) and has a circular mark on one of the squares. The chess pieces are awesome, heavy, and detailed works. It is Edition 3 Number 35. If anyone interested please let me know. Am in Perth but happy to post Australia Wide (possibly international?). Weight of pieces and box about 15-20kg, plus the board, so postage could be quite considerable. Being sold as complete set

    Wishing you all a very safe and happy 2017.

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    Hi all, I'm selling a Graeme Anthony Chess set. War of the rings in original condition, original notes, box and board. Set 18 100. As new $3500.
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    Don't know if it's of interest but a Lord of the Rings chess set was passed in at a coin auction yesterday.

    Was not able to attract a 600 starting bid and passed in.

    Chess Set Auction.JPG

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