One Day Children’s Tourney Gladstone Queensland Sunday 5 February 2012

Fifteen Players competed in the first one day Children’s Sunday Tournament held in Gladstone on 5 February. Two of these players were top Bundaberg Junior Players .

The winner for the day was Timothy Harris of Bundaberg with a grand slam win of nine out of nine games!!. Second place went to Kyle Stevens of Gladstone with 6.5 games out of 9. Third place was awarded to Aaron Fahey of Gladstone with 5.5 games out of 9, however three other players also gained 5.5 games out of 9.

It was a great day of chess and gave the Gladstone Junior players experience in a tournament environment and the use of chess clocks. Some of the Senior players of the Gladstone Chess Club attended as Observers and helpers.

It is hoped to have another tournament in Gladstone next month . The next tournament is expected to be a tournament for both adults and children, and will really help to promote the newly formed Gladstone Chess Club.

The Director of Play for the day was Allan Menham, Secretary of the Bundaberg Chess Club.