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Thread: Kindle Fire

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    Kindle Fire

    I am looking at bringing a Kindle Fire to Australia as a Christmas gift.

    I understand that there are some features that will not work in Australia because of the Amazon cloud technology (Prime ?).

    Just wondering if anyone know how much impact this will have on the device and whether I should be looking at something else.

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    be looking at something else, IMO
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    go to ebay and grab a chinese e-reader knockoff for $50-60.

    4gb capacity, plays videos, shows pdfs, plays mp3s.

    mintox !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juice by Tappy !
    go to ebay and grab a chinese e-reader knockoff for $50-60.

    4gb capacity, plays videos, shows pdfs, plays mp3s.

    mintox !!
    Noo... Kindle Fire would be betta

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    At least it avoids the common situation where you lend a book to a friend and the friend never returns it.

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