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    Congrats to all!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kerry Stead
    Quick results:
    =1st Morris & Rutherford
    3rd ADale
    Rating group winners:
    Ly, Voon & Bhat
    Will post full crosstable & final results later tonight.
    Reception was poor at MCC today, so couldn't post results as they happened.
    You did a fantastic job throughout and thank you for your efforts!
    Congratulations to the winners!

    (James don't forget it's your mum's birthday today and you are loaded! )

    So do we have a shared title now or is the MCC Allegro Champion going to be decided by a match between the first place getters?

    BTW I encourage everyone to visit Kerry's blog which contains lots of useful information and video clips from MCC's Allegro Championship.

    (Apologies for my ignorance but the poker parts of the blog I can't really appreciate because I have not a clue about the game)!
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    which dad is your mum?

    Zero trollerance!

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    Final Crosstable:

    No Name               Feder Loc  Club Total  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9   10   11   12   13  
    1  Morris, James      VIC   2501 OP   11.5   9:W 11:W  3:W  4:W  2:D 10:W  6:W  5:L  7:W  8:W 22:W 12:W 15:W
    2  Rutherford, Simon  VIC   2298 OP   11.5  24:W  8:W 10:W  7:W  1:D 17:W  4:W  3:W  5:W  6:W 11:W  9:L 16:W
    3  Dale, Ari          VIC   2145 OP   9.5   19:W 22:W  1:L 13:W 27:D  8:D 15:W  2:L 16:W  5:D  7:W 10:W  4:W
    4  Urban, Sylvester   VIC   2207 OP   9     20:W 16:W 18:W  1:L  8:D 27:W  2:L  7:D 15:W 17:W  5:W  6:W  3:L
    5  Jager, Jesse       VIC   2313 OP   8.5   25:W 12:W  7:L  6:W 10:L 18:W  8:W  1:W  2:L  3:D  4:L 13:W  9:W
    6  Baron, Michael     VIC   2650 OP   8.5   17:D 25:W 15:W  5:L 12:W  7:W  1:L  9:W 10:W  2:L  8:W  4:L 18:W
    7  Garner, David      VIC   2151 OP   8     21:W 14:W  5:W  2:L  9:W  6:L 10:W  4:D  1:L 13:W  3:L 11:W  8:D
    8  Ly, Thai           VIC*  1948 A    7.5   28:W  2:L 19:W 33:W  4:D  3:D  5:L 23:W 13:W  1:L  6:L 22:W  7:D
    9  Voon, Richard      VIC   1836 B    7.5    1:L 17:W 12:W 22:W  7:L 16:D 27:W  6:L 11:L 14:W 15:W  2:W  5:L
    10 Antolis, Cedric    VIC   2108 OP   7     33:W 13:W  2:L 18:W  5:W  1:L  7:L 22:W  6:L 15:D 16:W  3:L 14:D
    11 Lekkas, Frank      VIC   1978 A    7     30:W  1:L 20:W 27:L 17:L 19:W 33:W 13:L  9:W 23:W  2:L  7:L 25:W
    12 Addamo, Michael    VIC   2099 OP   7     35:W  5:L  9:L 23:W  6:L 34:W 13:L 16:L 26:W 25:W 17:W  1:L 22:W
    13 Tosevski, Tony     VIC   1906 A    7     34:W 10:L 29:W  3:L 15:L 35:W 12:W 11:W  8:L  7:L 23:W  5:L 30:W
    14 Tuncer, Deniz      VIC   1909 A    7     26:W  7:L 33:L 28:W 20:W 15:L 18:L 19:D 29:W  9:L 27:W 23:W 10:D
    15 Beaumont, David    VIC   2134 OP   6.5   23:W 18:L  6:L 19:W 13:W 14:W  3:L 17:W  4:L 10:D  9:L 24:W  1:L
    16 Krunic, Milutin    VIC   1953 A    6.5   32:W  4:L 27:L 26:W 18:L  9:D 24:W 12:W  3:L 19:W 10:L 17:W  2:L
    17 Raine, Marcus      VIC   1886 A    6.5    6:D  9:L 30:W 24:W 11:W  2:L 22:W 15:L 27:W  4:L 12:L 16:L 31:W
    18 Ilic, Milan        VIC   1891 A    6.5   29:W 15:W  4:L 10:L 16:W  5:L 14:W 27:L 23:L 20:D 31:W 21:W  6:L
    19 Dale, Finley       VIC   1632 B    6.5    3:L 31:W  8:L 15:L 26:W 11:L 34:W 14:D 24:W 16:L 21:L  0:W 32:W
    20 Harris, Anthony    VIC   1686 B    6.5    4:L 35:W 11:L 29:W 14:L 23:L 26:W 25:L 28:W 18:D 24:L 32:W 34:W
    21 Kolak, Tanya       VIC   1648 B    6.5    7:L 28:L 26:L 32:W 31:W 29:D 25:L 24:L  0:W 34:W 19:W 18:L 27:W
    22 Saint, Andrew      VIC   1918 A    6     31:W  3:L 23:W  9:L 35:W 33:W 17:L 10:L 25:W 27:W  1:L  8:L 12:L
    23 Lawless, Lex       VIC   1629 B    6     15:L 26:W 22:L 12:L 28:W 20:W 29:W  8:L 18:W 11:L 13:L 14:L  0:W
    24 Puccini, Jack      VIC   1714 B    6      2:L 30:D 28:W 17:L 33:L 31:W 16:L 21:W 19:L  0:W 20:W 15:L 26:D
    25 Hughes, Jack       VIC   1806 B    6      5:L  6:L 32:W 35:L 34:L 28:W 21:W 20:W 22:L 12:L  0:W 30:W 11:L
    26 Bhat, Vishal       VIC*  656  C    6     14:L 23:L 21:W 16:L 19:L 32:W 20:L  0:W 12:L 30:D 29:W 28:W 24:D
    27 Palma, Mario       VIC   1641 B    5.5    0:  32:W 16:W 11:W  3:D  4:L  9:L 18:W 17:L 22:L 14:L 31:W 21:L
    28 Krstevski, Tristan VIC*  929  C    5      8:L 21:W 24:L 14:L 23:L 25:L  0:W 30:W 20:L 31:D 32:D 26:L 29:W
    29 Yu, Bobby          VIC*  482  C    5     18:L  0:W 13:L 20:L 30:W 21:D 23:L 31:W 14:L 32:D 26:L 34:W 28:L
    30 Warren, Elizabeth  VIC   1377 C    4     11:L 24:D 17:L 31:L 29:L  0:W 35:D 28:L 32:W 26:D 34:D 25:L 13:L
    31 Krstevska, Tanya   VIC*  897  C    4     22:L 19:L  0:D 30:W 21:L 24:L 32:W 29:L 34:W 28:D 18:L 27:L 17:L
    32 Pearce, Oscar      VIC   1250 C    3     16:L 27:L 25:L 21:L  0:W 26:L 31:L 34:W 30:L 29:D 28:D 20:L 19:L
    33 Wildes, John       VIC   1611 B    3     10:L 34:W 14:W  8:L 24:W 22:L 11:L  0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0: 
    34 Beaumont, Archie   VIC   631  C    2.5   13:L 33:L 35:L  0:W 25:W 12:L 19:L 32:L 31:L 21:L 30:D 29:L 20:L
    35 Sumargo, Julianto  VIC   1456 C    2.5   12:L 20:L 34:W 25:W 22:L 13:L 30:D  0:   0:   0:   0:   0:   0:
    As far as the title is concerned, James is an MCC member, while Simon is not, so James wins the title as he is the only one eligible of those tied for first place.

    As for the full prize list, it is as follows:

    =1st James Morris 11.5		$150
    =1st  Simon Rutherford 11.5	$150
    3rd Ari Dale 9.5		$50
    4th Sylvester Urban 9 		$30
    =5th Michael Baron 8.5		$10
    =5th Jesse Jager 8.5		$10
    Rating Group A 
    1st Thai Ly 7.5			$30
    =2nd Frank Lekkas 7		$10
    =2nd  Tony Tosevski 7		$10
    =2nd Deniz Tuncer 7		$10
    Rating Group B 
    1st Richard Voon 7.5		$30
    = 2nd Finley Dale 6.5 		$10
    =2nd Anthony Harris 6.5		$10
    =2nd Tanya Kolak 6.5		$10
    Rating Group C 
    1st Vishal Bhat 6		$30
    =2nd Tristan Krstevski 5	$15
    =2nd Bobby Yu 5 		$15
    I'll also put up something about day 2 on my blog, along with some photos & videos from the day.

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