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    Steve Jobs 1955-2011 RIP

    Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away today aged 56 from pancreatic cancer.
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    A brilliant interpreter and inventor, huge loss for everyone.
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    Barely any time has seemed to pass, and Wired magazine August 2012 edition (which just arrived today for me) has an eye-catching cover on him with angel halo and devil horns:
    Do you really want to be like Steve Jobs? He was a Buddhist ... He was a genius ... and a tyrant ... and a jerk ... and a cautionary tale for others. How his life story has become an inspiration for some ...

    Will have to see when I get time to read it whether they blast him, praise him, or a bit of both.
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    Avram Miller says Steve Jobs has one more Apple intro

    Referencing Robert Cringley writes
    Avram’s thesis is that Steve Jobs felt betrayed by Google’s development of Android and decided years ago to go after the soft underbelly of the Googleplex by building a superior search product called Found that Apple would have no need to monetize ... he claims that Steve Jobs even pre-recorded his participation in the Found launch event scheduled for sometime next year.

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