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2011 Vic Country Chess Championship
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    Cool 2011 Vic Country Chess Championship

    The Victorian Country Chess Championship will be held on the weekend of the 8th & 9th of October this year in Swan Hill.

    (After years of Stewart Booth travelling from Swan Hill to play in this tournament, it's time for the tournament to travel to Stewart!)

    Venue: Alcheringa Hostel, 44 Rutherford St, Swan Hill.

    Round Times:
    Saturday 8
    Round 1: 9.30 am
    Round 2: 1.00 pm
    Round 3: 4.00 pm
    Sunday 9
    Round 4: 9.00 am
    Round 5: 12.30 pm
    Round 6: 3.30 pm

    Entry Fees: $50 Adult $30 Concession

    Eligibility: The Victorian Country Chess Championship is open to all Victorian players whose main place of residence is outside a 50 km radius from the Melbourne GPO.

    Rate of Play: All moves in 60 minutes per player plus an increment of 30 seconds per move from move 1.

    Prizes: All entry fees will be distributed in prizes after deduction of expenses in conducting the event. There will be prizes awarded for the first three players in the Championship and Reserve sections. If there is a tie for a title then joint champions will be declared and prize money divided equally. All players will compete in a single tournament. The prize pool will be allocated 75% to the Championship and 25% to the Reserve.

    Accommodation: There will be limited accommodation free of charge at the venue (you will need to bring your own pillows, sheets, blankets & towels). 15 rooms only, so first in, best dressed. Alternative arragnements can be made at the numerous motels, hotels & caravan parks.

    Contacts: Kevin Perrin or Nigel Barrow: Email to or (or phone numbers provided on the link to the Ballarat Chess Club site).

    More information: Victorian Rural Chess League
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    With one week to go, there's been reasonable interest already in this tournament. It looks like we'll even get a couple of players form the Mildura area.

    Just to clarify, the free accommodation at the venue is available on Friday night as well (which is helpful for people travelling long distances). There are only a couple of spots left though, so please get in quick!
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    After the first day, this is already proving to be a good tournament. Relaxed, friendly atmosphere, competitive games, surprise results and we've just finished a social dinner at the venue.

    There were a few surprise results in the first round, with former Ballarat Club Champ, Joel Beggs, agreeing to a draw against top seed, Stewart Booth, when it appears Beggs had a winning position. Last year's co-champion, Russell Murray, was also held to a draw on board 2, in an exciting endgame against Geelong Club President, Ben Kersten.

    This has allowed me to pull a Steven Bradbury and sneak out to a lead after three rounds, although I'm drawn to play Stewart Booth first thing in the morning.

    Will provide a fuller report after tomorrow.
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    Go Russell!!!! You can do it!!!

    Take care and God bless, Bereaved
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    Country Victorian chess Championship 2011

    Congratulations to Stewart & Nigel for winners of 2011.I'm happy for my 3rd place in 18 playesr event with Leigh.
    Thank you so much to Stewart Booth & Mrs.Booth for Providing facilities to all players.Thank you to Kevin, Nigel and all officials of VCCC.

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    Overall, this turned out to be a fun and memorable tournament – special thanks to Stewart and Gaye Booth for use of the venue and catering services. Thanks also to all of the competitors for helping to create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere.

    It was great to catch up with some old friends and also see some new faces – juniors Heath Gooch and Brody Tanner from Mildura being able to compete for the first time due to the location, and also a doctor from Swan Hill, Depankoo Chakroborty. It was also good to see Ben Kersten from the Geelong Chess Club, who surprised everyone by arriving at the venue on his bicycle! (Thankfully, he hadn’t ridden the 400km distance – he’d just ridden from his accommodation).

    For me personally, this tournament had a number of highlights, including my second round game against Max Mollard with many of the other competitors gathered to stare at a complex position with both queens en prise, and the privilege of playing eleven times Sri Lankan women’s champion, Vineetha Wijesuriya.

    I wound up drawing my fourth round game against Stewart Booth, to stay half a point in front of the field, and then faced a very determined Russell Murray in round 5. Pressing extremely hard for victory, Russell took up a lot of time early and overlooked a chance to win the exchange in time pressure. This allowed me to later force queens off and go into a winning endgame several pawns up.

    In the final round, I was paired against Bendigo Club Champion, Leigh Healey, who forced the trade of queens and rooks early, simplifying into a minor piece endgame, where I was unable to break through his pawn chain. The resulting draw gave Stewart Booth a chance to tie for equal first, but he had to overcome stiff resistance from Russell Murray. Material was even, but Stewart had a space advantage, and gradually forced Russell’s pieces back. In the last game to finish, Stewart eventually managed to break through on the king side while Russell’s bishop was restricted to the queen side.

    Results :

    1st-2nd Nigel Barrow & Stewart Booth 5
    3rd-4th Vineetha Wijesuriya & Leigh Healey 4

    1st Joel Beggs, 3.5
    2nd Thumula Gamage 3 (also top junior)

    Lucky door prizes: (eventually) Russell Murray & Kevin Perrin

    Final Results:

    Place Name                  Loc  Club        Score
     1-2  Barrow, Nigel         1837 Bendigo     5    
          Booth, Stewart        2094 Swan Hill   5    
     3-4  Wijesuriya, Vineetha  1725 Ballarat    4    
          Healey, Leigh         1790 Bendigo     4    
     5-8  Schepisi, David       1698 Bendigo     3.5  
          Beggs, Joel           1568 Ballarat    3.5  
          Mollard, Max J        1636 Bendigo     3.5  
          Cook, Patrick         1615 Ballarat    3.5  
    9-12  Murray, Russell       1879 Stony Creek 3    
          Perrin, Kevin J       1579 Ballarat    3    
          Gamage, Thumula       1008 Ballarat    3    
          Kersten, Ben          1559 Geelong     3    
    13-14 Czuczman, Ken         1469 Bendigo     2.5  
          Watson, James         1072 Ballarat    2.5  
     15   Tanner, Brody              Mildura     2    
    16-17 Gooch, Heath               Mildura     1.5  
          Mills, Terence        642  Bendigo     1.5  
     18   Chakroborty, Depankoo      Swan Hill   0

    More details, games & photos to appear on the VRCL page of the Ballarat Chess Club website soon (as soon as I can find the USB cable for my digital camera!)
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    Well done EE
    Very well done!!!
    proud parent

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    Well done Nigel, you played fantastically well all weekend!

    I must say that this was among the best tournaments I've ever played in, the hospitality from Stewart and Gaye was mind-boggling, and I can't wait to make the trip to Swan Hill again next year.

    Personally I was happy with the draw with Stewart, as I was likely to throw away the win at any moment, but with any luck I won't be eligible for the reserves next year.

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    looks like you all had a great time in all aspects! Congratulations to my friend Nigel and all participants!
    which dad is your mum?

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    Thanks everyone,

    just a quick note to say that there are now photos, games and a writeup on the Ballarat Chess Club website.


    "On my chess set, all the pawns are Hamburglers" ~ Homer Simpson.

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