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    I just managed to find it. A very good movie, for sure. Genesis Potini did so much for those kids despite very noticeable mental health problems and the gang culture around him. Cliff Curtis and the movie as a whole deserved their accolades.

    Rather unbelievable how the final for the NZ Junior went this way, with his protégé dropping two pieces for nothing then managing to win. How, we are not told. Real leading Kiwi juniors just can't be given odds of one piece let alone two:

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    The tournament was a knock out as well, which is an unusual format in NZ chess.
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    Watched be frank...not a kind of movie I love watching...but good for chess promotions i guess!~
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    The Dark Horse

    NITV Thursday 24th November @ 9:30pm
    By all accounts an inspirational movie about chess and the disadvantaged / underprivileged, in this case Maoris
    Very positive reviews on line and also entries include YouTube videos if you search for Genesis Potini
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    For all the cheap skates like me out there that have not seen the movie, good news is that it will be on TV 1 this Wednesday 4 Jan at 9:10 pm.

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