ideachess, my free chess tactics training site, has these new features:
  • Now are available over 70,000 interactive chess tactics problems
  • The solutions to the problems are now animated
  • En passant captures and castles available are indicated


I resume the other site features:
  • Multiple puzzle solutions accepted
  • Real time chess engine that evaluate your attempts and let you retry if your solution is good but there is a better one
  • For all tactics problems is specified where they are taken from (event, date, players, result)
  • Stats and graphs to track your progress (ideal for Michael de la Maza Rapid chess improvement method)
  • Glicko ELO rating system, players rankings, problems assigned according to your skills level
  • Every week new tactics puzzles from the major worldwide chess tournaments (taken from The Week In Chess pgn files)
  • Endgames training
  • Stunning graphics and animations
  • Customizable chessboard colors
  • Completely free