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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Colliver View Post
    You really are a pathetic man
    Sorry, Scott - had to check if you are aware there are no Indigenous language happens to be a ''written'' one. All others are not so fresh to chesschat so already aware at least from our prervious discussions on the forum....Got to check .

    Back in 2020, was having a chat to someone at MCC about Indigenous culture etc. and asked if he thinks we need to read Indigenous books....he said yes .
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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelBaron View Post

    Note word ''reconciliation''....emphasis that kids need to ''reconcile'' with someone...may be better let them decide if they feel there is a need for reconciiation or not.

    Also, Would I be a kid, I would ask the teacher...why do I need to reconcile with my indigenous classmate...if we never had a fight before? Btw, I find Chinese history far more interesting ...At least based on the works that I have been reading .
    Australian native culture is pre history which explains why it is not recorded in usual manner.

    So modern man had an unique opportunity to study and discover such but sadly 18th C modern society didn't really appreciate.

    Within a few hundred years the industrial revolution has wrecked the planet. Look at the big picture "advancement" is not always good.

    Some young people don't want offspring due to our tortured planet. Ans I can undertake taking into consideration the massive changes I have witnessed in seventy years.
    Zionism is racism as defined by the UN, Israel by every dirty means available steals land and water, kill Palestinian freedom fighters and civilians, and operates an apartheid system to drive more Palestinians off their land

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