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    New Web Site to Search Chess Tournaments

    Dear Chessfriends,

    I would like to introduce the new search engine / web Chess Tournament.


    Can promote your event for free! and without registering.

    Any tournament that is published on the web, is in turn sent to all subscribers

    I hope can be a useful tool for all organizers to promote their tournaments, so as to
    amateurs or professionals to find tournaments to play.

    Good game

    Joan Albert Dalmas
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    Dear Chessfriend,

    The tournament: Malaysia Chess Festival 2011
    it's on our data base Allyearchess

    Best wishes

    Joan Albert Dalmas
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    Best wishes with your site !

    Perhaps it would be best if the search results were sorted in descending date order (or ascending if you wish).

    Just a suggestion.


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    effectively, and in fact it is so. In June 2011:
    - First come the tournaments page that pay 1 € per day to have that privilege.
    - Second come the tournament in June 2011
    - Thirdly go tournaments July 2011
    - Fourth come the tournament in August / September / ..... .... etc mixed
    - Fifth come the finished tournaments in May and April.

    This is the order until we have a larger volume of tournaments ... there are currently some 180 registered tournaments and is still easy to find

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