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Thread: Scid vs. PC

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    Scid vs. PC 4.14

    Quite a few various changes

    The easiest to use computer-versus-player feature (Play->Computer Phalanx)
    has been updated to Phalanx XXIV. It plays a lot better than previous versions,
    but i dare say my ELO slider (from 1400 to 2400) is not accurate , so any advice
    about how strong the levels are would be welcome. Hard for me to say as i'm
    not an experienced player, and have little patience for serious games actually

    I think it's generally kind-of hard to get computers playing weakly. AFAICS Stockfish
    doesnt do a bad job of it. You can play stockfish (if installed of course) using
    Play->Computer UCI, and then configure the "Skill Level" of Stockfish (1 being it's weakest).
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    Thanks, Steven. Time for another upgrade! Love the program.
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    New version out just now.
    4.17 has a few bug-fixes and new features.
    Changelog and downloads are at the same place -
    though older versions of OS X are now unsupported. Cheers.

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