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    2011 Asian Youth Chess Championship

    The 2011 Asian Youth Chess Championship started on Saturday, 14th May 2011 in Subic, Philipines.

    Australia is represented by two juniors, Savithri Narenthran from Victoria playing in the U14 Girls and Daniel Lapitan from Queensland playing in U12 Open.

    It is a 9-round Swiss with the following schedule:

    15th May 11:00 Technical Meeting
    15:00 Opening Ceremony
    1600-2000 Standard Chess Round 1
    16th May 0930-1330 Standard Chess Round 2
    1600-2000 Standard Chess Round 3
    17th May 0930-1330 Standard Chess Round 4
    1600-2000 Standard Chess Round 5
    18th May Free Day Organized Tours
    19th May 1600-2000 Standard Chess Round 6
    20th May 0930-1330 Standard Chess Round 7
    1600-2000 Standard Chess Round 8
    21st May 0930-1330 Standard Chess Round 9
    1600-1900 Blitz Chess 7 Rds
    2000 Closing Ceremony

    Time control is 90 minutes for the whole game with 30 second increments per move from move 1.

    Their results can be followed here:

    Thus far two rounds have been played and they have either finished or still playing their 3rd round games even as I typed this.

    Savithri has managed 0.5/2 losing in the first round whilst Daniel has managed 1/2, drawing two games. However he faces Tin JingYao from Singapore in 3rd round who is an experienced chessplayer.
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