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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaitlin
    ... I spent ages thinking of that move. But OK

    Thanks for playing me
    I was wondering whether 21. Bg5 threatening 22. Re8+ Bxe8 23.Qd8# would be worth a try.
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    My plan was to somehow try and keep the Castle from getting out and first was going to do Qf7, but saw that would have made me lose maybe.

    In fact most of the moves, I could only see how they could win and not me.

    I wanted to get the bishop out to give the King some kind of protection. I even thought of putting the Queen back infront of the King in the triangle to give him some protection.

    But Bg5 or somewhere around there was to be soon but probably after Qf7, depending on what they were going to move. But I couldn't see how I was going to win, however I could see how they could win heaps.

    It would have been easier if they had just swaped Queens last move. But then they didnt even do the white bishop to attack my Queen so I could double check them early in the game even though I tired three times to get them to do it .

    I was surprised when Zwischenzug resigned, like I said I spent ages working out my Rd1 move which I didn't need to do.
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