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    Play like a girl

    Jennifer Shahade showed this wonderful problem in a video I watched recently. I can't give many hints (like the theme, can you guess the theme?) because it would reveal the solution too easily.

    White to move and win:

    FEN Viewer

    First move shouldn't be too difficult. Kaitlin?

    Jennifer is certainly giving many reasons to think that playing like a girl is not so bad.

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    Solved on site. Nice.

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    a) 1...Kh8 2.exf8=R+ (not =Q because after Kxh7 and Rxd7 it's stalemate).
    b) 1...Kxh7 2. exf8=N+
    c) 1...Kg7 2.exf8=B+ Kxf8 3.Rxd7
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    That's correct. Well done spotting a complication in 1st line!
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