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    Jan 2011

    Free chess tactics web site

    Hi all,

    I am a chess teacher from Kiev. Recently, I've created a web site, which might be helpful for everyone who wants to develop his skills in chess tactics by learning chess from examples.

    The site contains a flash tool, which allows to solve chess problems interactively.

    I would be happy to invite everyone of you to visit, it and to share some feedback... Hope you will find it useful.



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    Jan 2011

    Hi again

    I would be happy to improve it. So please please post your feedbacks here

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    CC Grandmaster Adamski's Avatar
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    Nov 2007
    Penrith, NSW
    I had a quick look. It has definite potential. If I only had time...
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    Not a bad site. A few notes:

    - The chess pieces are very unfriendly to the eye. I would go for a more traditional set or provide options to change them.

    - Lacking a points or rating scheme. It would help if you had a rating scheme which would have people keep returning to the site.

    - Board is a bit big, maybe reduce the size a little bit.

    Otherwise great work! Keep it up..

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