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    Puzzle task: attack the most pieces with a single move

    Quote Originally Posted by Jesper Norgaard
    He, he, Boris. Good one. But I have my secret weapon, I will make Kevin dizzy with 15 knights on board - think of all the knight forks! It's not every day you can claim a family check to a king and 7 knights with one single move!
    That gives me an idea for a task:

    What is the largest number of pieces that can become attacked with a single move?

    Pieces that could have been captured as an alternative to the move are not counted. Only fresh attacks count, but this can include revealed attacks. The stupidity of the attacks is unlimited provided that the moves are legal and the position is legal (including by underpromotion).

    I will open the bidding with 10 attacks:

    FEN Viewer

    White, to move, cannot take any piece immediately, but after 1.Nf4+ all ten black pieces are under attack.

    I have only thought about this one for five minutes so maybe someone can do better.
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