In 2011, our 5 Monday evening FIDE rated tournaments will form a grand prix, whereby a player’s scores from all 5 events will add up to form a grand prix score at the end of the year. The tournaments included are:

MCC Club Championship (Feb 7th – Apr 11th)
City Of Melbourne Open (May 2nd – Jul 4th)
Edwin Malitis Memorial (Jul 18th – Aug 29th)
MCC Open (Sep 12th – Nov 14th)
Bob Brooking Round Robins (Nov 21st – Dec 19th)

Every point a player scores in any of these events, equals a grand prix point, for example if a player scores 5.5 points in the club championship and 4 points in the City of Melbourne, they will have accumulated 9.5 points over the two events. At the end of the year, the players with the highest number of points will win the grand prix prizes.

1st, $250
2nd, $150
3rd, $100

1st under 1800, $250
2nd under 1800, $150
3rd under 1800, $100

1st under 1500, $250
2nd under 1500, $150
3rd under 1500, $100

Best junior, $50

The rating used all year for grand prix purposes will be the players ACF rating on February 7th (the first day of the Club Championship). Players can only win one prize.

For any questions, please call Grant Szuveges 0401-925-075.