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    was there a solution to the previous one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rincewind View Post
    Nice. First move is not too hard to find but white's second move is very tricky.
    In regards to the 2nd move being tricky the following story gives an idea of how tricky it was
    In 1925 BCM(British Chess Magazine) had the problem plus the story about Lasker and Tarrasch and received letters from solvers about how 'easy' it was and that the Tarrasch and Lasker story must be a joke. BCM responded by publishing the letters from the solvers alongside the real solution!
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    Quote Originally Posted by v1234vv View Post
    White Move to win

    perhaps with a tricky step ?
    If the king captures the pawn, I think it would be a serious problem for white ggg.
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