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    VHS Conversion to DVD

    I recently purchased from Harvey Norman a Honestech VHS to DVD 4.0 plus at a cost of just under 100 dollars. I have found it quite easy to use and it operates through a normal computer connected through cables etc to the VHS player/recorder

    It is well worth a look

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    re- recording

    Hi Allan, just wondering, i read some where on the packaging that i may need a video capture device on the PC. Does that mean the VHS player itself or something else?

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    I use a VCR connected to the device supplied in the package with the software disc It is very easy to use

    If you have any further problems or queries please email me at

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    I did this a few weeks ago. I just took my old VHS player and plugged it into a harddrive recorder. Recorded the video onto the hard drive and then burnt that onto a DVD using the harddrive recorder functions. Seems to work a treat without needing specialist hardware (other than what I already had for other purposes).

    I haven't bothered to try yet, but I imagine I could rip the DVD to my PC and make an .avi file if I that was desired.
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