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    List of Coaches

    I regularly get approached by people looking for coaching. However there doesn't seem to be a list of coaches anywhere.

    So I've decided to start one, hopefully we'll be able to put this on the NZChess website. I thought I'd just do a quick post here to start things off. The data I'm intending to collect is below. Please let me know if you think I'm missing anything that should be asked. I'm inclined to leave off fees.

    Once I've got this sorted I'll circulate more widely.

    Fide Trainer Titles:
    Other Fide Titles:
    Rating (Fide) and date (of last game):
    Rating (NZ) and date (of last game):
    Pupil Level: Complete Beginners, low rated, mid-rated, experts
    Groups: One-on-one, small groups, class groups
    Ages: Young Children, older Children, Adults
    Location: Online, coach's home, student's home, schools, other (please state).
    Other info (140 characters max)
    Last update:

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    FYI I've added a page on the ACC website for coaches. It seems to get a few hits per week.

    I'm happy to add a blurb and a link to other coaches. Precedence given to Fide qualified ones etc.

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    Hi there, is there anyone coaching Chess in Wellington? One of my brightest students has moved there from SEQ and he wishes to continue his Chess.
    Kind regards, Geoff Butler

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