Today Sunday, I did a bit of promotional work for Box Hill Chess Club and Canterbury Juniors Chess Club Sunday junior Chess Classes offered for the reminder of Term 2 and the whole of term 3.
Actually I distributed promotional material (in English, Greek, and Chinese - not sure if in Candonese or Mandarin ) to about 11 libraries - branches of the Boroondara and Yarra Councils in Melbourne.
Librarians exhibited a great spirit of co-operation and were enthused to know that juniors (amongst them the U-12 World Champion Bobby Cheng and other National and State Champions) are teaching their peers!
They said that this is a thought provoking initiative and should be extended in other fields!
As an initial step they will place the advertising material on their notice boards and depending of the response they will take it from there.
Of what I was told certain libraries have had chess programs before, but not all experience were positive since some of the adult players they attracted not only weren't in position to teach juniors but also were very noisy, lost pieces and generally annoyed personnel and clients.
Coming back to juniors teaching juniors, I can't see anyone more talented and knowledgeable than our own IM James Morris in a position of a junior chess teaching co-ordinator. I have seen him doing it for free anyway and kids love his style of showing things, his humour and friendly approach!

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