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    ICCF Veteran;s World Cup

    Dear senior chessfriend,

    Please find Announcement about the above tournament which
    I hope you will enter, if you have not already done so

    We already have more than 80 entries, so please join them!

    Best regards,

    Amici Sumus,

    Alan P. Borwell,
    ICCF Honorary President &
    VWC3 Tournament Organiser

    International Correspondence Chess Federation

    in association with the

    Scottish Correspondence Chess Association

    22nd May 2010

    Third ICCF Veteranís World Cup

    The ICCF Congress in Pleven, Bulgaria in 2008 decided that following the great popularity of the tournament among older players, new Veteranís World Cups would be started every year.

    The Scottish CCA offered to organise the second and subsequent tournaments on behalf of ICCF working in collaboration with the ICCF Non Title Tournamentís Commissioner. Special cup trophies would be provided by the Scottish CCA to ICCF for winners of each tournament.

    The Third ICCF Veteranís World Cup will be started on 1st September 2010.

    As with the 2nd VWC, the event will be organised in three stages, which will allow several players from each group stage to advance to the Semi-finals and Final. The number of promotions will depend on the total of entries received, but groups at each stage will comprise of 13 players (12 games) played by webserver with a rate of play of 10 moves in 40 days.

    ICCF Veteranís World Cups are open to all players who are 60 years old or more at the start of the tournament. Although the number of preliminary groups which each player may enter is unlimited, no player will qualify for more than two Semi-final groups or more than one place in the Final.

    Players may enter in the usual way through their National Federations or, where eligible, via the ICCF Direct Entry system. The Direct Entry fee is calculated based on the method of payment and currency chosen, with the exact amount shown during the registration process.

    Entries via National Federations should contain playerís name, date of birth, Email address, ICCF ID and current rating. The entry fee is specified and available from National Federation. Federations should send entries by Email to the Tournament Organiser Alan P. Borwell, Email:-, to reach him before 17th July 2010. It would be appreciated if Federations send entries ďas receivedĒ and not delay them until the closing date.

    Entries from players who countries participate in the ICCF Direct Entry Scheme should send their entries, using the DE system. DE fee is available from the system, in various currencies.

    The Closing date for Direct Entries will be 31st July 2010.

    All veteran chess players are heartily invited to enter this tournament, both for the enjoyment of games and friendly contact/communication with senior players round the World.

    Member Federations are asked to give the tournament wide publicity to veteran players.

    Alan P. Borwell, Valer Eugen Demian, Frank Geider.

    ICCF Honorary President, ICCF Non Title Tournament World Tournament

    SCCA Honorary President Commissioner Director

    Tournament Organiser

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    My hat is in the ring

    I have entered this tournament.

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