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    Pretty queen sacrifice... Strong novice player...

    I only play two types of chess these day - blitz (5, 3 or 2 minute) against anyone rated between 500 and 2500 and "social chess" (without a clock) against anyone who is not a tournament chess player - basically friends and acquaintences from non chess circles.

    Since I play a fair bit of blitz, I will usually play an intuitive queen sacrifice approx once every 6 months or so. One where I havnt calculated it out to a win, but where I know that there will be a win, based on intuition, the position itself and the tactical possibilities that the sacrifice allows. This is always a possibility when any two tournament players play blitz against each other.

    In social chess however, the possibility of a "correct" queen sacrifice is much more rare - usually because Im winning easily anyway before the option comes up. When playing non-tournament players, I try to play correctly and simply (develop pieces, take the centre etc) to encourage my opponent to play "good chess" and to get into good habits. This is a good way of promoting the game. Today however, when playing one of my non-chess friends, I played reasonably (?) normally but a queen sacrifice presented itself anyway! I cant remember the last time I played such a sacrifice against a non tournament player... Anyway, here is the game....

    Grant Szuveges (FM) vs anonymous (novice)

    1. Nf3, Nc6
    2. d4, d5
    3. Bf4, Bf5
    4. a3, Qd7
    5. e3, 0-0-0
    6. c4, dxc4
    7. Bxc4, Nf6
    8. Nc3, h6
    9. 0-0, g5
    10. Bg3, h5?
    11. d5, Na5
    12. Bb5, c6
    13. Ne5!!, Qe8
    14. dxc6!!!, Rxd1
    15. cxb7+, Nxb7?
    16. Rfxd1, Qxb5
    17. Nxb5, a6
    18. Rac1+, Kb8
    19. Nc6+, Kc8
    20. Nba7#

    Better is 15…Kxb7
    16. Rfxd1, Qc8
    17. Nxf7 or 17. Na4
    Winning for white…

    My friend playing as black played really well for somebody who has never played in a tournament in his life!

    Come down to MCC on Tuesday nights for some interesting games against tournament players and those who are new to tournament chess!
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    Grant Szuveges (FM) vs anonymous (novice)

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