The 2010 Parramatta Chess Club Champs is unfortunately weaker this year than in previous years but has still been an interesting event nevertheless.

The Open Division is a double round robin tournament with Gary McNamara (1993) as top seed followed by me (1961),Arthur Huynh (1881),Dragan Djukovic (1678),Andrew Pan (1672) and Josh Christensen (1653).

Here is the latest crosstable.

As can be seen, Arthur and Andrew still have some games to play and are lagging behind.

If you would like to see more detailed info on the event as well as video footage from the Club Champs and Video Lectures on the games (by ME, so strong players best avoid viewing ), feel free to visit my blog and check it out

Anybody who would like to view results from the lower division, this has been covered by John Christensen at

The final rounds promise to be interesting...