From inside the FIDE Rating Server: for the benefit of all organisers of FIDE-rated events, and for the information of arbiters and players in those events:

"Please note that according to Regulations active from July, 1 2009:
0.4 The tournaments to be rated must be pre-registered by the federation that will be responsible for the sending of results and rating fees. The tournament must be registered one month before the tournament starts. The Qualification Commission Chairman may refuse to register an event. Also he may allow an event to be rated which has been registered less than one month before the tournament starts."

And further:
"Tournament data is accepted with late dates but tournaments with late registration will not be published on FIDE website till approval by Qualification Commission Chairman."

This already affects several Australian events registered for both the May 2010 and July 2010 lists, which I will detail in separate threads for those lists, and which don't currently appear on the usual page yet. At this stage, I don't expect any Australian event to actually be rejected for registration.

Greg Canfell
FIDE Rating Officer, ACF