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    Quote Originally Posted by justaknight
    Hey Ace and thanks for the thorough analysis!
    I have to admit you have convinced me with the clarity and depth of your ideas! However, since it's Lawrence who runs this operation, I think you have to talk about it with him! I am sure he would love to discuss it with you!
    I think we need a team of committed individuals.

    perhaps the model we need to use is something along the lines of "the a-team", the television jewel from the 80's. essentially 4 guys bombing around town in a panel van taking care of business.

    (i'll be "mr t", because I'm white, don't have a penchant for wearing jewelry and enjoy flying, especially in turbulance.)

    someone has to constantly smoke a cigar for the role of 'hannibal' though, so possible lung cancer is one of the pitfalls to this idea.

    do you know any smokers ?

    does saragossa know how to drive a ford transit van? I can steal one from work, so a decent vehicle won't be a problem.
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