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    Tournament Instructions

    I'm running a tournament on the weekend and as well as explaining the rules before play I'd like to post an information sheet on the rules where players can see etc. Wondering if anyone can think of anything else I should be adding.. (it's a lightning tournament). I'm adding prizes too they just haven't been finalised.

    Lightning Rules

    - 5 mins per side
    - Win by checkmate, Win on time and win if your opponent makes an illegal move (Edit: removed taking king).
    - Touch piece: tournament rules dictate if you touch a piece, you must move it or if you touch your opponentís piece and it is legal to capture it, you must do so. If by touching the piece it would be illegal to move it, you may make a different move.

    If there is a dispute, immediately stop the clock and call the arbiter who shall settle it. The arbiterís decision is final.
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