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    to accept the draw offer or play on???? Jones - De Vere


    Would want peoples opinion on wheather I (black) should have accepted the draw offer in this game. I hadnt known the opening and was playing terrible chess (apologies).

    1) Both players were down to just 15 minutes on the clock at this stage
    2) White had potential passed pawns which were scary, but black pieces were active.
    3) a draw would be 3.5/9 which is a point from 50% and i thought a half-respectable effort.

    [Event "2009 Oceanic Zonal Open"]
    [Site "Tweed Heads"]
    [Date "2009.06.26"]
    [Round "9.29"]
    [White "Jones, Rupert"]
    [Black "De Vere, Cameron"]
    [Result "1/2-1/2"]
    [ECO "B12"]
    [WhiteElo "1962"]
    [PlyCount "53"]
    [EventDate "2009.06.??"]
    [EventType "swiss"]
    [EventRounds "9"]
    [EventCountry "AUS"]
    [Source "MonRoi"]

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    I wouldn't fault you for accepting that draw offer. The position is probably roughly equal but is difficult and risky for either side to play in time trouble. The opponent is not weak and it's really pretty tricky to be playing for a win there unless you have a strong reason to play on. If accepting the draw put you on a result that you were satisfied with then I think it was the right thing to do. It can also be psychologically difficult to play on for wins after turning down fully reasonable draw offers. Of course, if you needed a win for some reason, you'd play on.
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    I would prefer white here but yeah it's easy to stuff up so maybe a draw would be fair enough.
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    Draw seems reasonable especially since you didn't know the opening and managed to bring the game to this position.

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