In a 'recent' previous thread, I made a comment that changing pairings to help a player attempt to gain a fide norm/title could result in the whole tournament not being fide rated, or norm/titles being invalidated.

This has just come from Geurt's latest column. It is the last part that is of main interest for this thread.

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At a recent tournament in Stillwater, Oklahoma, a friend of mine had a very strange pairing. With a score of 2, he was paired up against a player with a much higher score. The director indicated he was making the pairings based upon maximizing the number of players that would get a FIDE rating, rather than the current score, and refused to make a correction. After the tournament he said he was sorry and gave my friend $200. This stinks of bribery. What is your opinion on pairing a tournament that is USCF rated based on getting the most players FIDE rated? Is giving an entrant money after a tournament because of a poor pairing ethical?
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From time to time I receive reports about incredible incidents and this is one of them. If the case is true, the tournament director should be suspended.
By the way, I know that many Swiss tournaments are examined by a FIDE officer and if it is discovered that the pairings were changed for the benefit of one or more players, the tournament will not be rated by FIDE and title norms made in such a tournament are invalidated.(my bolding and underlining)