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    Gordon Nuttall found guilty of corruption

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    2 words

    iceberg tip

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    lol eagerly waiting Jono's and Howie's response to this, although Axiom's

    Quote Originally Posted by Axiom
    iceberg tip
    says it all!
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    From this day (13-11-20) onwards, I will only be posting, shouting and reading none other than chess related posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justaknight
    lol eagerly waiting Jono's and Howie's response to this...
    Lefties here in Queensland are much the same as lefties the world over. Mostly clueless, sometimes intelligent, entirely unworldly, commercially deficient, but pertinent to this issue is that they are full of two-faced, self-serving vitriole (to the point of apoplexy) concerning the failings of conservatives - in this case the former corrupt National Queensland government.

    Nuttall? A headline. A day. Then back to ranting about about the conservative corruption of 20 years ago. There's a thread about two-faced lefties and the messenger, not the message somewhere. I'd like to boil lefties in the tread and catch them in a fold in time, and swing them from the Tree Of Knowledge!

    Cheers! Up the werka!
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    There is no cure for leftism. Its infestation of the host mostly diminishes with age except in the most rabid of specimens.

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