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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Byrom View Post
    It seems that Go prodigies are even younger than chess prodigies:
    A nine-year-old girl in Japan will become the youngest-ever professional player of the strategy board game go when she makes her debut later this year. Sumire Nakamura, who attends primary school in Osaka, started playing go at the age of three and will start her career at the lowest rank of shodan on 1 April, according to Japanese media. She will comfortably beat the record for the youngest professional held by Rina Fujisawa, who was aged 11 years and six months when she turned professional nine years ago.
    Although I'm not sure what level would qualify you as a 'professional' in chess. If it's having a GM title, then the youngest would be 12, for the IM title it would be 10.
    That's quite something. In the photo she is with Yuta Iyama, currently Japan's top player. Rina Fujisawa is probably Japan's top female player now. Probably a Japanese pro is closer to a GM, since the lowest pro can give an amateur shodan (1-dan) 6 or 7 stones.
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    Another way of looking at this is to look a time limits. Capablanca once said something like 40 moves in two hours was OK for optimal chess.
    Thats an average of 3 minutes a move. Most chess games are over by move 60. Go games are on average about 3 or 4 times the move number.

    Go tournament games are played at a much faster rate per move than tournament chess games. I have not heard of players clamouring for
    slower time limits. This is evidence that Go is easier to play than chess.

    Sight of board takes much longer to acquire in chess. Even a Go beginner could quickly learn to visualise many moves ahead.
    Seeing ahead in chess is made more difficult by the presence of different pieces and pieces moving differently. Sight of the board is a higher skill in chess than in Go.
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    Hi Bill, amazingly it only took four years for you to have your question answered. Fred Flatow of Sydney was a keen Go player a few decades ago, I have no idea now, he even attempted to set up a Go club I think. I considered him a heretic at the time.
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    Re chess and go!

    31-12-2014, 11:58 AM
    Yep, sounds like rounding up the sheep to me that a sheep dog can run rings around a human doing. But only they are trained by humans. So those dogs equate the computer but without breakdowns and cyber attacks.
    by far best analogy ever! couldn't find the relevant "famous analogies" thread to stick it there!
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