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It seems that Go prodigies are even younger than chess prodigies:
A nine-year-old girl in Japan will become the youngest-ever professional player of the strategy board game go when she makes her debut later this year. Sumire Nakamura, who attends primary school in Osaka, started playing go at the age of three and will start her career at the lowest rank of shodan on 1 April, according to Japanese media. She will comfortably beat the record for the youngest professional held by Rina Fujisawa, who was aged 11 years and six months when she turned professional nine years ago.
Although I'm not sure what level would qualify you as a 'professional' in chess. If it's having a GM title, then the youngest would be 12, for the IM title it would be 10.
That's quite something. In the photo she is with Yuta Iyama, currently Japan's top player. Rina Fujisawa is probably Japan's top female player now. Probably a Japanese pro is closer to a GM, since the lowest pro can give an amateur shodan (1-dan) 6 or 7 stones.