While working on my book I have been looking for suitable games and I came across this very peculiar end position from the correspondence game Purdy – Kerdil ,1945. I‘ll include the full game but please take note of the final position... Black continued no further. Now I am not sure if this game was forfeited and Black was really able to see so far advanced through all the complicated lines and see a win for white.

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Is this position a forced win for white? If you can tell me that without the help of the new chess programmes well done indeed! Kerdil must have seen very deep!? Even with Fritz 8 running on a very good computer it is having some serious problems. I do not want to post what conclusions I have come to here, I was wondering if any one else was interested in taking a look and seeing what they think. It is really one of the first times I had to really give Fritz some advice on the moves throughout the variations before he could bite into it. !

By the way this game will not be featuring in the book. ;-)