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Thread: Chess Variants

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    Quote Originally Posted by FM_Bill View Post
    Decades ago I invented a variant called Simultaneous Chess which is similar to the variant Kevin is describing. Players write their moves down and are played simultaneously with rules to cover different situations.

    I have written a book on chess variants.
    Hadn't seen that before Bill, sounds fun and looks cool too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joschobam View Post
    I like more the serious variants than the fun varaints.

    Years ago I play a lot of Gothic Chess. The new name is Trice´s chess.

    Most of all I like Bollwerk 178.
    As an addition: Schach 80 also looks very interesting. Unfortunately there is no website and it is hard to find anything about the game, but in Germany tournaments in this variant take place from time to time. It is played on 80 squares. Everyone has two more pawns and two elephants.

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