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    New Chess - like game.

    Good Time to All, Amigos!!!
    i'm beta testing online game TSAR - BATTLE ( i'll be glad, if You'll be beta-tester for origin.
    Thanks a lot for Your Attention.
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    Can we see the rules / how to play etc before signing up? The 'battle' page appears to be broken.
    So what's your excuse? For running like the devil's chasing you?

    See you in another life, brotha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boris
    Can we see the rules / how to play etc before signing up? The 'battle' page appears to be broken.
    Thanks a lot for your reply. All rules are placed to now. No, 'battle' page is not broken Read rules; if you'll have question -- I'm here.

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    I used to play runescape. I don't really like online games much.

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    I play games online in social networking websites.I also play live game in yahoo messenger like chess.

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