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27-12-2008, 09:25 AM
This was played yesterday at Glenelg. Visiting German Holger Fielder continued his domination of the rapid tournaments in SA by winning this tournament with 7/7. Second was shared by James Obst and junior Alistair Cameron on 6/7. A great result for Cameron who beat Kevin Sheldrick and Srbo Zaric in the last two rounds. Top seed and favourite IM Mark Chapman finished on 5/7 after losing to Fiedler and Obst. Giang Nguyen finished 4th and won the womens prize with 5.5/7. Edgar Mdinaradze won the under 1875 prize, Tom Milton the under 1600 prize, Dennis Steffenson the under 1275, Bob Cowley and Srbo Zaric shared the seniors prize, Fedja Zulfic the under 18 prize, Francis Goh the under 13 prize, Sophie Eustace the under 18 girls and Aloyna Chizhowa (sp?) the under 13 girls.
Francis Goh was a major talking point after the 1660 rapid rated 11 year old played extremely well, outplaying Alan Goldsmith before being swindled when short of time. Goh has no standard rating but would be one of the states most promising juniors despite his inexperience.

William AS
27-12-2008, 12:46 PM
Crosstable for Lidums Australian Allegro

Australian Allegro Chess Championship 2008 - Round 7
Cross Table

No Name Loc Total 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1 Fiedler, Holger 2139 7 45:W 36:W 20:W 5:W 4:W 2:W 6:W
2 Obst, James 2264 6 12:W 25:W 23:W 8:W 6:W 1:L 5:W
3 Cameron, Alistair 1325 6 13:L 62:W 24:W 34:W 20:W 9:W 7:W
4 Nguyen, Giang 2245 5.5 59:W 24:W 16:D 13:W 1:L 33:W 14:W
5 Mdinaradze, Edgar 1874 5 15:W 43:W 7:W 1:L 12:W 10:W 2:L
6 Chapman, Mark 2574 5 50:W 34:W 11:W 9:W 2:L 8:W 1:L
7 Zaric, Srboljub 2227 5 28:W 19:W 5:L 27:W 32:W 11:W 3:L
8 Goldsmith, Alan D 2067 5 40:W 22:W 21:W 2:L 25:W 6:L 24:W
9 Sheldrick, Kevin 2097 5 44:W 38:W 26:W 6:L 21:W 3:L 22:W
10 Cowley, Robert G (Bob) 2144 5 42:W 33:D 14:D 30:W 26:W 5:L 13:W
11 Stevens, Tristan 1982 5 52:W 30:W 6:L 35:W 22:W 7:L 25:W
12 Milton, Thomas J 1511 5 2:L 56:W 64:W 23:W 5:L 21:W 26:W
13 Srdic, Goran 2004 4.5 3:W 27:W 32:D 4:L 17:W 16:W 10:L
14 McBride, Kelvin 2333 4.5 31:W 21:L 10:D 38:W 51:W 32:W 4:L
15 Steffensen, Dennis A (Dr) 1238 4.5 5:L 63:W 27:L 19:D 38:W 36:W 34:W
16 Zulfic, Fedja 1877 4.5 47:W 41:W 4:D 32:L 23:W 13:L 33:W
17 Ward, Anthony 2105 4.5 49:W 32:L 33:D 52:W 13:L 29:W 35:W
18 Sykes, Alexander K I 1797 4.5 39:L 48:W 28:L 44:W 42:W 35:D 32:W
19 Kelly, John 1702 4.5 60:W 7:L 40:L 15:D 52:W 51:W 64:W
20 Saint, Andrew 1831 4 48:W 39:W 1:L 28:W 3:L 22:L 37:W
21 Memedi, Sam 1777 4 46:W 14:W 8:L 39:W 9:L 12:L 45:W
22 Goh, Francis 1660 4 65:W 8:L 41:W 29:W 11:L 20:W 9:L
23 Kerr, Bill 1961 4 53:W 35:W 2:L 12:L 16:L 40:W 42:W
24 Wilson, Lance 1738 4 51:W 4:L 3:L 41:W 40:W 39:W 8:L
25 Jelic, Mato 1776 4 58:W 2:L 45:W 54:W 8:L 28:W 11:L
26 Thiyagarajah, Prakash 1820 4 55:W 64:W 9:L 40:W 10:L 27:W 12:L
27 Ivkovic, Novica 1606 4 67:W 13:L 15:W 7:L 55:W 26:L 49:W
28 Mading, John Thon 1491 4 7:L 58:W 18:W 20:L 54:W 25:L 46:W
29 Vo, Quoc Bao Van 4 32:L 49:W 59:W 22:L 31:W 17:L 43:W
30 Ports, Elizabeth 1580 4 61:W 11:L 47:W 10:L 39:L 41:W 44:W
31 Haydn, Gavin 1520 4 14:L 46:W 51:L 48:W 29:L 47:W 39:W
32 Short, Andrew 1673 3.5 29:W 17:W 13:D 16:W 7:L 14:L 18:L
33 Cloudsdale, Colin 1690 3.5 66:W 10:D 17:D 51:D 36:W 4:L 16:L
34 Thiyagarajah, Anand 1778 3.5 56:W 6:L 42:W 3:L 49:W 37:D 15:L
35 Lidums, Aivars 1577 3.5 57:W 23:L 37:W 11:L 56:W 18:D 17:L
36 Regoeng, Rapula 1685 3.5 37:W 1:L 52:D 53:W 33:L 15:L 51:W
37 Perkins, Anthony 3.5 36:L 44:W 35:L 45:W 43:W 34:D 20:L
38 Riches, L John 1670 3.5 62:W 9:L 53:D 14:L 15:L 52:W 59:W
39 Miller, Anthony Christopher 1065 3 18:W 20:L 43:W 21:L 30:W 24:L 31:L
40 Staak, Eric 1351 3 8:L 65:W 19:W 26:L 24:L 23:L 55:W
41 Kramer, Warren 1270 3 0:W 16:L 22:L 24:L 60:W 30:L 56:W
42 Milton, Anthony W 1490 3 10:L 66:W 34:L 46:W 18:L 55:W 23:L
43 Turcaj, Pavel 1549 3 54:W 5:L 39:L 47:W 37:L 48:W 29:L
44 Manning, Clifford 1406 3 9:L 37:L 60:W 18:L 67:W 58:W 30:L
45 Giminez, Simeon 1485 3 1:L 60:W 25:L 37:L 57:W 56:W 21:L
46 Beltsos, Michael 1011 3 21:L 31:L 67:W 42:L 50:W 64:W 28:L
47 Thorne, Richard 1255 3 16:L 57:W 30:L 43:L 61:W 31:L 60:W
48 Thiyagarajah, Kailash 1232 3 20:L 18:L 62:W 31:L 64:W 43:L 54:W
49 Eustace, Sophie 1414 3 17:L 29:L 66:W 57:W 34:L 54:W 27:L
50 Gaekwad, Aaron 1524 3 6:L 55:W 54:L 56:L 46:L 53:W 58:W
51 Cameron, Lachlan 817 2.5 24:L 59:W 31:W 33:D 14:L 19:L 36:L
52 Colliver, Scott 1292 2.5 11:L 61:W 36:D 17:L 19:L 38:L 65:W
53 Vuckov, George 1283 2.5 23:L 67:W 38:D 36:L 63:L 50:L 57:W
54 Guiney, Wayne Bertram 2 43:L 0:W 50:W 25:L 28:L 49:L 48:L
55 Glascott, Brent 1156 2 26:L 50:L 65:W 63:W 27:L 42:L 40:L
56 Kiripitige, Punala 1053 2 34:L 12:L 61:W 50:W 35:L 45:L 41:L
57 Barns, Caleb 2 35:L 47:L 0:W 49:L 45:L 62:W 53:L
58 Lower, Kevin 954 2 25:L 28:L 63:L 64:W 59:W 44:L 50:L
59 Hamshere, Robert 1500 2 4:L 51:L 29:L 62:W 58:L 67:W 38:L
60 Bowditch, James 752 2 19:L 45:L 44:L 65:W 41:L 61:W 47:L
61 Chizhova, Alyona 2 30:L 52:L 56:L 0:W 47:L 60:L 66:W
62 Lee, Joel 2 38:L 3:L 48:L 59:L 66:W 57:L 67:W
63 Oks, Oliver 1882 2 64:L 15:L 58:W 55:L 53:W 0: 0:
64 Seeley, Tim 1 63:W 26:L 12:L 58:L 48:L 46:L 19:L
65 Seeley, Sophie 1 22:L 40:L 55:L 60:L 0:W 66:L 52:L
66 Wilkinson, Charles 602 1 33:L 42:L 49:L 67:L 62:L 0:W 61:L
67 Bird, Jasper David 1 27:L 53:L 46:L 66:W 44:L 59:L 62:L

by Swiss Perfect (TM) www.swissperfect.com[/url]

27-12-2008, 02:59 PM
is there meant to be a word in between lidums and australian?


i must have been blinking when news about this event was being promulgated

William AS
27-12-2008, 04:39 PM
is there meant to be a word in between lidums and australian?


i must have been blinking when news about this event was being promulgated
No :D :D :owned: ;) ;) we have the rights until the ACF takes them away.;)

Bill Gletsos
27-12-2008, 04:56 PM
It should also be pointed out it is not an ACF recognised national title.

02-01-2009, 05:34 PM
is there meant to be a word in between lidums and australian?


i must have been blinking when news about this event was being promulgated
What does "Lidums" mean?

02-01-2009, 05:54 PM
What does "Lidums" mean?

Lidums refers to the sponsor, Aviars Lidums and the Lidums Chess Foundation. There have members of the Lidums family involved in chess in SA for a long time. Avairs opened the juniors today.

05-01-2009, 10:33 PM
Hi All,

The Lidums Australian Allegro Championships have a longish history.

The tourney is part of the Bay Sports Festival which encompasses cycling,volleyball,running (Bay Sheffield) canoeing various water sports etc.

We get about $1,000 sponsorship indirectly from the local council as part of this Sports festival for our chess event and have been getting this for decades. In addition we get sponsorship from Aivars Lidums - many years ago before Allegros became popular SACA asked the ACF could it call the event the Australian Allegro Championships.

ACF said there was no recognised national allegro title so ACF basically said go for it knock yourselves out guys. We have been running this event annually for over 30 years with MarkChapman winning it more than anyone although other IM,s GM,s and untitled players have won it - it is a fantastic family day and marks the end of the Chess Calender year in South Australia.

kindest regards to all